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We supply parts and components for a wide variety of industrial machinery, with products designed and built by the very best manufacturers in the world. Here we take a quick look at some of the world renowned manufacturers we supply and their most popular products.

Bauer Suppliers

Bauer Gear Motors achieved their world renown by designing and building many high quality and cost effective geared motor units. The Bauer products are well known for their reliability, including the likes of their BG Series Helical Geared Motor and their BK Series Bevel Geared Motor.

YB Components are specialist Bauer suppliers and also provide their BS Series Worm Geared Motor, with this popular right-angled version of a worm-geared motor being especially easy to install, even in particularly tight applications. They are cost effective while remaining very reliable, and feature hollow shafts which are available in a variety of sizes, including extremely small.

Bauer often make their products available with flexible mounting options so they can be mounted on a flange, face or base, as well as a number of shaft mounting possibilities.

Convey Xonic

Convey Xonic manufacture a revolutionary series of power transmission belts featuring longitudinal ribs. These special ribs are made with a special Polyamide rubber compound and can be adjusted, enabling them to support either very light or very heavy loads.

With a minimum pulley diameter of 43mm, the PJ286 Convey Xonic belt is 286mm long and designed for roller conveyors. It makes good use of the longitudinal ribs, which have enhanced elastic properties to absorb shocks and vibrations. This elastic quality also makes the PJ286 belt run silently.

The Convey Xonic PF336 belt is also designed for roller conveyors and the longitudinal ribs can be adjusted into three weight categories. The first category is for light loads up to 400kg, the second category for medium loads up to 1.2 tonnes, and the final category for heavy loads up to 2 tonnes.

PMI Linear Guideways

The PMI Group started manufacturing linear guideways in the early 1990s, and soon expanded their operation to include other products such as ballscrews, precision ball screw splines, ball splines and actuators. Their products are popular components in precision machinery such as machine tools and wire cutting machines. They are also frequently used with semi-conductor equipment and plastics injection machines.

The PMI linear guideway products feature a rolling motion in order to massively reduce friction.  Each guideway is designed for high positioning accuracy and high repeatability, which makes them all particularly efficient. The positioning accuracy is greatly enhanced by the low frictional resistance, which also enables them to be used constantly for extended periods of time.

If you require any of the parts mentioned above or have any other industrial machinery requirements, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Convey Xonic, PMI and Bauer suppliers.