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Explaining Pneumatic and Hydraulic components

Both hydraulic and pneumatic systems share a number of similarities. This shared operational function primarily stems from the fact both hydraulic and pneumatic systems rely on the pressure quality of substances around them to turn motors and generate electromagnetic fields.

Whilst pneumatic systems compress gas and use the compression to carry out their tasks, hydraulic systems create force using liquid, typically oil or water.


Both pneumatic and hydraulic systems rely on pumps to move both liquid and gas. Hydraulic systems require a pumping process to effectively move and replenish liquids. A pneumatic system requires a pump to draw in outside air. The air is then compressed by a compressor which is connected to the pump in order to pressurise the air and contain it within the system.

Pneumatic component manufacturers

There are a number of pneumatic component manufacturers based around the world. Pemaks Phomatik Pneumatic Cylinders for example are manufactured in Turkey. These spec cylinders are extremely high quality and provide great value for money.

Another manufacturer of pneumatic components is Kauermann Kupplungs. Kauermann couplings are manufactured in Germany. They manufacture trade names including Kegelfelx couplings, Flexan highly flexible safer couplings, Kasi Slip clutches and Kado Elastic couplings, to name just a few.

Kauermann Kupplungs also manufacture Sanko oilless products which offer a fantastic solution for extreme environments, difficult to access areas, extremely high loads, or applications in which maintenance has been neglected.

Hydraulic component manufacturers

Around the world, industrial component manufacturers are making high quality parts for hydraulic systems.

For example, Kumera Corporation’s Kumera clutches and gearboxes provide high quality power transmissions to the maritime industry. Kumera Power Transmissions is the manufacturer of the popular and more commonly known Norgear PTO gearboxes and hydraulic clutches. These vital hydraulic components are used for driving deck machinery pumps, Fi-Fi, other pump drives and shaft alternators.

Kumera is located in Norway, Finland, China and Austria. All of its maritime applications are manufactured in Norway.

Many products manufactured by Kumera, Kauermann Kupplungs, Pemaks Phomatik and many other high quality manufacturers of essential components for both pneumatic and hydraulic systems are available to order through YB Components.

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