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International Shipping

Need industrial parts abroad? Let YB Components lend a helping hand

Do you operate industrial equipment from abroad? Are you going overseas and are concerned that in your absence, machinery might break and those in charge of operating the equipment won’t be able to correctly locate replacement pieces?

Whether it’s Sferax linear bearings you require, a Sirem gearbox, Sit couplings, Spaggiari parallel shaft gearboxes, Trasco es zero backlash couplings or variable speed belts, the good news is that locating specialist industrial parts is not as difficult or time-consuming as you might perceive – even when you’re abroad.

An international portfolio of industrial component manufacturers at your fingertips

It goes without saying, there are hundreds of industrial gearbox manufacturers located around the world. Being as far away as Japan and the United States, Australia and Germany and a myriad of nations in between, sourcing the correct part for your machine can be a minefield, particularly if you are away from the confines of your own factory or workshop.

Whether it’s Spaggiari or Zurrer, Pujol or Li-Ming, Heynau or Bauer, YB Components have been sourcing essential industrial equipment for four decades. In fact we have shipped to more than 40 countries around the world.

If might be in Germany and be informed that a Pujol geared unit has stopped working back at home. Or you might have a factory in Australia and require a Planox clutch to be dispatched to Australia immediately. Whatever and wherever you are, YB Components will help you source the right piece of industrial equipment and get it sent to the location that requires it, quickly and efficiently.

No Euros, no problem!

What’s more, if you require a part for a piece of machinery that it only available in a country that has the Euro as currency but do not have access to Euros, YB Components can help out.

Simply find a part in Europe, let us know the details and for a small, additional cost, we’ll get it shipped out to you, quickly and without any hassle.

In short, industrial machinery requires speed, accuracy and low-cost. Here at YB Components, we are specialists in providing customers with specific parts for industrial machinery, efficiency, quickly and at competitive costs.

In fact YB Components has more than 20 years’ experience supplying obscure types of products, such as Tschan rollastic couplings and Planox clutches, to businesses around the world.

For all your industrial part requirements, get in touch with YB Components.