Explaining AVE Chains


AVE Chains are a Spanish company based in the Catalonia region. Their products are available in the UK through YB Components who can supply all of their products quickly and efficiently to any business that requires high performance products such as those that AVE Chains produce. If you’re looking for line modular belts that are easy to assemble and feature a high resistance and low friction coefficient, then you have come to the right place.


AVE Chains Suppliers


AVE belts suppliers and AVE chains distributors all service a wide variety of industries around the world. Companies who utilise AVE chains and belts operate in sectors as wide-ranging as the bottling and packaging industries to the manufacture of cosmetics, as well as the automobile manufacture industry and any other product transport facilities.


AVE Chains Manufacture


AVE Chains are a producer of high quality chains, belts, guides and components comprised of stainless steel as well as new materials designed to maximise high performance. Founded over 63 years ago in 1953, AVE Chains have a number of factories based in Barcelona where they use the latest technology including all the latest computer and environmental energy efficiency advancements. Recently, AVE opened a new factory in Monzón, North Eastern Spain, where they continue to recreate the good work produced in the original factories.


As stated, AVE Chains specialise in the development and manufacture of industrial chains, belts, bands, guides and components. While their products are often made of stainless steel, they also seek to utilise any new high-performance materials which improve the capacities of their product range. Additionally, the cooperative team of AVE Chains and the leading AVE Chains suppliers, YB Components, aims to provide the best service possible, fitting into as tight a schedule as required as well as offering competitive prices.


AVE Chains believe their greatest asset is their team composed of professionals whose area of expertise in different areas combines with the latest chain and belt technology and knowledge.


AVE Chains Products


In their range of plates, chains and sprockets, AVE Chains has over 46 products alone. There are also ten modular belt categories, with numerous options within each of those categories according to size, weight, purpose and material. As well as AVE chains manufacture, they also manufacture a wide range of conveyor components including clamps, bipods, tripods, adjusting roads, regulating greasers, articulated feet, rollers and roller guides, adjustable brackets and tensioners for chains.


The guides that AVE Chains produce also feature a wide range of options, including flat and curved variations, plus a number of guides that are ideal for machines engaged in bottling and packaging as well as numerous other functions. If you are searching this site for exactly these kinds of tools and machine parts, then you can’t go wrong choosing to use AVE Chains manufactured products. Their high performance is reliable and they are a company with a wealth of experience and expertise in their field.


If you have questions regarding either AVE Chains or AVE Chains distributors, then contact YB Components and we will be happy to answer your questions regarding these excellent products.