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Sumitomo Cyclo Drives


The Sumitomo Concentric Cyclo Drive is special because it operates without gears, with the torque transmitting parts being exposed exclusively to compressive rather than shear forces. For the many worldwide users of these Cyclo Drives, this unique brand of drive provides a huge advantage as it reduces the risk of sudden failures due to overload.


While the high standard of quality found in the production of Sumitomo gearboxes is well known, what is less well known is exactly how much history the company has behind it.


History of Sumitomo Gearboxes


The Sumitomo Concentric series of gearboxes are produced by just one company within the Sumitomo Group, which itself is one of the biggest groups of companies not only in Japan but around the world, consisting of twenty companies with approximately 267,000 employees worldwide. Collectively, they bring in annual sales of more than $400 billion dollars (US). The industries they specialise in are quite diverse with a variety of companies that work in iron and steel, mechanical engineering and mining. Some of the group also operate in the fields of ceramics, as well as in real estate, banking and trade.


Interestingly, the Sumitomo brand has been in operation for over four hundred years in one form or another. Back in the sixteenth century, company founder Masatomo Sumitomo opened a book store that also sold medicine. He then established a company philosophy that has been maintained by all who operate under the Sumitomo Group umbrella, which is that integrity and healthy management are the keys to success, as well as the idea of not putting profits first. The companies that work under the prestigious Sumitomo brand still maintain this business philosophy. Homage is also paid to Masatomo via the use of the Igeta symbol, which is the sign indicating the edge of an old Japanese well.


Origins of the Sumitomo Gearbox Cyclo Drive


As for the origins of the modern day Sumitomo Drive Technologies which produce gearbox products such as the Sumitomo Concentric Cyclo Drives, this branch of the Sumitomo Group dates back the 1930s. The Cyclo Drive was invented back then in Munich by an inventor by the name of Lorenz Braren, who registered the patent and thus had a massive influence on the direction of drive technology.


Unfortunately, World War II put the development of the product on hold, but Braren was able to resume his work after the war during which time he began perfecting the Cyclo Drive. His company then allowed a branch of Sumitomo to manufacture the Cyclo Drive in Japan and eventually moved under the umbrella of Sumitomo Heavy Industries in 1994. After that, Sumitomo began expanding the brand throughout Europe. Since 2003, the company has been known by the name Sumitomo Drive Technologies who manufacture and market the complete range of Sumitomo gearboxes and drives, including the highly respected Sumitomo Concentric Cyclo Drive 6000.


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