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ConveyXonic’s Conveyor Belt Revolution


The ConveyXonic belt is a power transmission elastic belt that features longitudinal ribs and has been specifically developed for roller conveyors transporting loads ranging in weight from 1 kg up to 2 tonnes. This revolutionary belt drive system is designed to replace all six major drive systems used in conveyor assembly. That is the flat belt system, round belt, chain and timing belt, twisted belt and the tangential belt system; all made redundant by ConveyXonic belts.

These power transmission elastic belts are manufactured by French firm Hutchinson, who are one of the world’s leaders in elastomer transformation and who operate under the umbrella of the Total Group multinational corporation.

ConveyXonic Belts and the Poly-V Concept

Hutchinson’s ConveyXonic belts – sometimes referred to as Conveyonic or Convey Onic belts – make use of their patented Poly-V concept, which is their original product made of a special compound and design which equips their power transmission belts with special qualities and capabilities which are described in more detail further into this article.

Using the Poly-V concept, the basic design of the Convey Xonic belts feature multiple longitudinal ribs, with the torque transmitted via the flanks of the belt ribs making contact with the pulley grooves. The monobloc design of the Poly-V belt system also ensures compactness, high power transmission and a lower operating cost than other belt drive systems.

Applications of Poly-V Conveyonic Belts

Belts using the Poly-V concept such as the Convey Onic belts can be utilised in a wide variety of applications including fitness equipment like treadmills and exercise bikes, gardening equipment such as mowers, and for industrial engines and pumps. Other industries that benefit from the Poly-V belt technology include the refrigeration and ventilation industries, the timber and paper industries, and the quarry excavating and mining sector.

Perhaps one of the most recognisable applications of ConveyXonic belts is with the transportation of people via escalators and the moving walkways you find in large airports. Their solid construction and reliability as well as their long life make belts using Hutchinson’s Poly-V technology the safe and economically sound choice for companies ranging from small manufacturers of roller products to global corporations.

How ConveyXonic Belts Inspired a Conveyor Revolution

The special properties inspired a roller conveyor manufacturing revolution thanks to the Poly-V’s elastic properties which provide a minimum 30% reduction in operating costs. It achieves this by using just one motor for fifty rollers, while simultaneously increasing the life span and the belt’s ability to absorb shocks and vibrations.

The torque transmission is impressive too, with the Conveyonic belts boasting up to four times more than the ordinary O-Ring conveyor model. It also features an increased load flow speed up to two metres per second which means a significant increase in productivity. The ConveyXonic belt also only requires a small amount of standard maintenance. No lubrication is needed thanks to the design which also enables silent operation and never requires re-tensioning.

With so many innovative and attractive qualities, it’s easy to see why the ConveyXonic belts are revolutionising belt drive system designs.

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