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Variable Speed Belt Special Feature


One of the most popular products shipped around the world by YB Components is the variable speed belt. There are many manufacturers of this product, each with their own designs, some specific to a particular application while others are more versatile and can be adopted to different purposes. Here we take a brief look at some of the most popular models of variable speed belt available and give the lowdown on each of them.

Optibelt Super TX Belt

The Optibelt Super TX Belt has been built with extremely small pulley diameters in mind, with the moulded cogs of this variable speed belt enjoying an extra flexibility thanks to being manufactured with a high quality rubber compound. For a guarantee of high power transmission, the Optibelt Super TX Belt need only be operated with low stretch tension cords, which will also ensure the lifespan of the belt itself is maximised.

ConveyXonic Belts

The ConveyXonic belt features specially designed longitudinal ribs which enable roller conveyors to transport loads with a huge difference in weight. The ConveyXonic belts can transport loads weighing as little as one kilogram, while also being able to shift loads weighing up to two tonnes. It is something of a revolutionary belt drive system with the manufacturers designing their belt to be capable of replacing all six of the other major drive systems used in conveyor assembly. The ConveyXonic belts are intended to be an all-purpose replacement for the flat, round, chain and timing belt systems, as well as the tangential and the twisted belt systems.

Berges Speed Belts

The Berges speed belts are particularly efficient at reducing friction while producing extra torque power when required. The increase in torque power is achievable even when the speed setting is reduced. The Berges variable speed belts are also well known for their versatility, being suitable for a number of applications with differing demands. Whatever the application, the Berges speed belts prove themselves to be a robust and efficient choice.

Carlisle Variable Speed Belts

The belts manufactured by Carlisle under the umbrella of the Timken Company are also renowned for being suitable for a wide variety of applications. The Carlisle variable speed belts consistently produce a high performance and are used across industries such as large agricultural and construction machinery as well as smaller outdoor equipment such as snowmobiles and ride-on lawnmowers. The Carlisle variable speed belts are also a valuable component of many ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) like quad bikes, three-wheelers and jeeps.

ContiTech Variflex Z Belts

The ContiTech Variflex Z Belt is primarily known for being used in the Aerospace industry where the elastomers and rubber products produced by Continental’s independent subdivision ContiTech have been popular for years. They are frequently seen in the floor coverings in aeroplanes such as the Airbus and the various Boeings. The same rubber compound that ContiTech Variflex Z Belts are made of is also used for aircraft fuelling hoses, such is its reliability under stress.

If you are looking for variable speed belts such as the ConveyXonic Belt or the Optibelt Super TX Belt, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading suppliers of industrial parts who can ship these parts all over the world.