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Choosing the Right Osborn Load Runner


Idler rollers are an integral part of any rail-riding operation, and when properly specified they can seriously optimize line speed and product handling, boosting the efficiency of your applications and operations. Osborn’s Load Runners consist of heavy-duty idler rollers and rails designed to enable such high capacity precision and impressive load handling.

The Osborn rollers manufacture process includes operational considerations such as moisture and temperature levels, speed and load capacities, lubrication requirements and operating environments as well as potential cycle counts. This process results in products that produce exceptional performances even in severe environments.

Osborn Rollers Capabilities

The standard Load Runner idler rollers that Osborn manufacture and that are available through Osborn rollers distributors are specifically designed to operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -34 degrees up to 107 degrees Celsius. Osborn have also designed special custom Load Runners that can operate in even harsher environments that produce temperatures as low as -40 degrees and as high as 204 degrees Celsius.

They can also handle situations where they are exposed to extreme moisture such as wash-downs or even complete submersion. The products achieve this water resistance via seals and/or special lubrication measures which protect the product from moisture damage.

Which Osborn Roller is Right For You?

Osborn rollers suppliers ship these products to a wide variety of industries so there are many different types of Load Runner available for all of the possible applications. Any industrial process that requires a long-lasting material handling system, load motion control or processing equipment solution that maximizes return on investment will benefit from the rollers Osborn manufacture. They increase capacity while significantly reducing maintenance costs, but it is important to identify the correct roller for each particular application.

To find out which Osborn Load Runner is right for your purpose, first you must understand what sort of precision capability you require, as well as the load and speed capacities your application will need.

Also consider the environmental conditions that the operation will be exposed to, such as temperatures, moisture levels, vibration potential and any possible contaminants. For example, there are tapered-roller bearings designed to produce extra precision, or deep-groove ball bearings which are particularly good at withstanding heavy radial and thrust loads while still maintaining high operational speeds.

Osborn Rollers Manufactured with Specific Purposes

There are also options in the Osborn roller product catalogue which account for extra abrasive or corrosive conditions, so consider too if these extra durable versions are worthwhile. The treads of Load Runners are usually machined from high-alloy steel before being case-hardened to HRC 55-60 which provides them with a basic wear-resistant outer shell and a tough inner core.

If noise reduction is a priority, then there are other Load Runners available made with specific configurations and materials that purposefully reduce and minimize the noise produced by the application they are used with.

There are so many options available through Osborn rollers distributors that choosing the right idler roller and rail solution for whichever application you need it for can make a massive difference to your bottom line.

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