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Four Rules of Machine Maintenance


Maintaining the peak performance of machinery is the key to maximising the efficiency and effectives of your industrial operations. The likes of gearbox repair services and downtime are the obvious consequences of poor maintenance that you want to avoid, but vigilant maintenance will also help keep the machines operating at maximum capability for a much longer time than otherwise.

To maximise the lifespan of your machinery as well as the performance, follow these four rules of industrial machinery maintenance…

Machine Maintenance Rule #1: Clean Regularly

The surest way to guarantee the performance of an industrial machine diminishes quickly is to let dirt and any other contaminants accumulate on it, and in it. Regular cleaning is absolutely necessary even for heavy duty machinery that doesn’t seem like it would be too bothered by a bit of dust.

Part of the cleaning routine should involve how the machinery is stored, keeping its cleanliness and exposure to contaminants in mind. The likes of humidity and other environmental influences can massively contribute to major repair issues such as corrosion and rust.

Wherever possible, industrial machinery should be covered when not in use and stored somewhere with a shelter, if not entirely indoors. Also keep surrounding areas clear of anything that could interfere with the machine’s performance.

It is a good idea to make cleaning the machine an integral part of the regular inspections (see Rule #4) as it makes keeping the machine clean a lot easier if it is cleaned this way. Also keep in mind that older machinery tends to the prime candidate for neglect in this area, so pay as much attention to your older machines as you do your new ones (if not even more).

Machine Maintenance Rule #2: Lubricate Adequately

Most machines with moving parts will require some lubrication to maintain their ideal performance levels. Regular application of the correct lubricant according to the machine’s manufacturer is paramount for enabling a long life for the machine. Signs that a machine’s lubrication needs checking include a build-up of grease near to lubricated areas, leaking seals and increased vibrations and noise during operation.

Inadequate lubrication is one of the main causes of machine failure and will likely require some sort of repair services to rectify the situation.

Machine Maintenance Rule #3: Train Operators

Always ensure your machine operators are fully trained not only in the operation of the equipment but also in the proper maintenance of it. How the machine is operated has a direct impact on how long it remains in optimal condition. Every machine will have clear operating instructions that must be followed, but also keep up to date with the manufacturers who might modify their instructions from time to time.

There are also safety issues to consider when training machine operators.

Machine Maintenance Rule #4: Adhere to a Maintenance Schedule

Visual inspections and machinery tests must happen on a regular basis, and the best way to ensure they do is to draw up a maintenance schedule and stick to it rigidly. By letting significant time elapse between inspections, a small and easily solved problem can quickly become a large problem that requires major repairs and downtime.

Try to keep a detailed record of all maintenance that you perform on each machine and always follow the operator manual’s guidelines. Record repairs, minor issues and the solutions as accurately as possible. Record issues such as loose screws, wobbly bolts, warped belts, or any other indication of wear and tear.

By keeping accurate records of your industrial machinery maintenance, you can avoid a lot of repairs that are required on machines that are not so well cared for. Keeping to a regular maintenance schedule will significantly increase the lifespan of industrial machinery equipment.

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