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Zurrer Worm Gear Designs


Zurrer has been producing some of the finest examples of worm gears and geared-motors in the industry for over a century now, so it’s time to take a glance at some of their excellent gear designs and the ranges they offer which can be acquired through YB Components.


Zurrer Worm Gears – MULTIHELIX


The MULTIHELIX range of Zurrer worm gears are a light and universal variety of worm gear, consisting of a modular system. As per usual with Zurrer’s machine components, the MULTIHELIX series is manufactured with premium quality raw materials. They are available in one or two stages and have been designed with the latest computer-aided design system. The premium raw materials are all used with their critical dimensions controlled by Zurrer’s state of the art Computer Numerical Control router, which is a computer-controlled cutting machine.


Zurrer Servo Gears – MASTERHELIX


The MASTERHELIX is only available in one stage, but that stage is especially useful for its low backlash possibilities of between 1′ and 4′ (with the standard backlash being between 6’ and 8’). The Zurrer Servo Gear Series is robust and versatile, and adaptable to any motor mounted on a flange. In fact, Zurrer worm gears in the MASTERHELIX system can be combined with all standard flanged motors, as well as there being adaptor flanges which can be supplied upon demand.


Zurrer Worm Gears – K-RANGE


Zurrer’s K-Range series of worm gears are also one stage with the potential for a low backlash rating of between 3’ and 5’, with the standard backlash ranging between 6’ and 8’. The K-Range is a strong and compact worm gear design, and like the MASTERHELIX it is adaptable to every flange-mounted motor and can be combined with all standard flanged motors. It is also possible to request an adaptor flange to ensure a perfect fit.


Zurrer Worm Gears – E-LINE


The E-Line series of Zurrer worm gears features the option of one or two stages. The ‘E’ of E-Line stands for ‘Eco’ or ‘Economy’ as this range is designed to be simple and inexpensive while still remaining compact and versatile. There is an option for sizes 40/50, while the E-Line worm gears are all mechanically de-clutchable. Other technical specifications of the E-Line range include details such as cast aluminium housing with ball bearings, a steel hardened and ground worm component, with a centre distance of between 25 and 90mm.


Zurrer Multi-stage Worm Gears


The superior efficiency and compact strength of the Zurrer multi-stage worm gears means that they can be used within pretty much every industrial sector and business type and size. The torque and speed requirements of different operations are easily adapted and customised to the individual worm gear, while the low noise levels during operation make these multi-stage worm gear motors an excellent solution for a wide variety of applications.


Zurrer Planetary Gears


The planetary or epicyclic gear features two gears mounted so that the middle of the first gear revolves around the middle of the second gear. They are often called ‘planetary’ gears because of the way one gear revolves like a planet around the other gear, sometimes referred to as the ‘sun’ gear. The higher power of Zurrer planetary gears in comparison to other standard gears is one advantage, while they can also reduce operational noise and co-axial shafting.


If you require any Zurrer worm gears or Zurrer geared motors, then contact YB Components who are the leading Zurrer worm gear, gearbox, driver and motor distributors who can ship these parts all over the UK and the world.