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Zurrer AC Motors and DC Motors

Zurrer AC motors are popular throughout a number of industries and applications, as are the Zurrer DC motors. There are significant differences between the operational capacities of the two motor types, so it is important to understand them in order to select the right Zurrer motor for your application.

Here we look at the differences between Zurrer AC motors and Zurrer DC motors.

Zurrer AC Motors Explained

Zurrer’s AC motors are also known as IEC motors as they are made to International Electrotechnical Commission standards. The induction version of the Zurrer AC motors work by using a series of coils that are powered and controlled by an alternate current (AC) input voltage. The input voltage creates a stator field which then induces the rotor field.

The synchronous version of Zurrer AC motors is capable of operating with more precise supply frequency thanks to the synchronous motor. The current is delivered through slip rings or a permanent magnet to generate a magnetic field which enables them to operate at faster speeds than the induction versions.

Zurrer AC motors operate at a particular point on the performance curve which coincides with the peak efficiency of the AC motor, with the efficiency of the motor decreasing beyond this point. AC motors also consume more energy in order to create the magnetic fields, due to the current being inducted on the rotor. This is ultimately what makes AC motors more powerful than DC motors, while also making them significantly less energy efficient.

Zurrer DC Motors Explained

Zurrer DC motors differ from the alternate current motors by using a direct current (DC). This is achieved by using carbon brushes and a commutation ring that switches both the direction of the current and the magnetic field polarity in a rotating armature, which is a necessary function for DC output. It is the interaction between the rotor within the motor and the fixed permanent magnets that induces the motor’s rotation.

DC motors are very efficient but can be prone to suffer specific losses, usually due to the initial resistance in the winding and brush friction. All such direct current motors such as Zurrer DC motors will have a shorter service life due to the carbon brush system. Estimates vary due to the unknown operating conditions of each motor, but they would ordinarily have a service life of between 1000 and 2000 hours, although this can be massively reduced should the motor be operating under an extreme load. It is also possible that a Zurrer DC motor can continue performing optimally for well over 10,000 hours in more favourable operating conditions.

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