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ZIPP Gearboxes


The ZIPP Group is a manufacturer of precision planetary gear reducers, as well as a wide range of professional industrial equipment such as cutting, grinding, construction and surface finishing tools.


ZIPP Gearboxes are used throughout many different types of industry all around the world, hence the need for reliable ZIPP gearbox suppliers such as YB Components. ZIPP’s range of high quality equipment include the likes of professional automotive servicing air tools, industrial air tools, construction air tools, blind fastening systems and torque control systems.


The pneumatic air tools and ancillary products are usually found being used in the automotive service industry, on production and assembly lines and in the construction industry. Perhaps most notably, ZIPP gearboxes and air tools are also used in the aviation and aerospace sectors.


ZIPP Gearbox Products


All of ZIPP’s products are CE certified, while the company is proud to be an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer. The ISO certification means that the company was able to demonstrate its ability to ‘consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements’.


The ZIPP gearboxes available through YB Components include their Right Angle range and their Inline range of gearboxes, which feature a couple of different options in each. They are all made to the highest possible quality and can be used with a wide variety of applications.


RL Series Right Angle Gearbox


The RL Series of ZIPP gearbox includes a special design that provides a unique backlash adjustment, helping to keep the operation smooth and steady even at high speeds. The axial compression mechanism increases concentricity and engagement between shaft and bearing. These ZIPP gearboxes also feature a unique wear and tear resistant treatment on the spiral bevel gears. This special treatment not only ensures the product has a long lifespan, but also helps provide a much higher reliability factor.


The output mount design of the RL Series is a patented design which is especially versatile and useful for a wide variety of applications. The double ball bearing also enables a steadier and operational capacity, even at high speed.


RS Series Precision Right Angle Gearbox


The RS Series is very similar to the previously described Right Angle ZIPP Gearbox, only this one is more compact allowing for a more concise operational precision.


PS Series / PN Series Precision Inline Gearboxes


There are two types of ZIPP Precision Inline Gearbox, with the PS Series featuring a square flange while the PN Series features a round flange. They both have needle bearings in order to produce high output torque, while the closed planetary gear cage enables both inline gearbox designs to perform with an extremely high rigidity.


These ZIPP inline gearboxes are both grease filled and double sealed which eliminates leakage, even when used in any orientation or direction. The planet gear train also comes in  a smaller and more compact size while maintaining a high transmission efficiency.


The output design of both the PS and the PN Series are very versatile, allowing both the square-flanged and the round-flanged versions to be used with a wide variety of applications. Other design features include the bearings being oversized which allows for increased loading, plus the alloy steel gears are given a special heat treatment which gives them superior strength as well as excellent wear and tear resistance.


If you require any ZIPP Gearboxes then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading industrial machine part suppliers who can ship these parts all over the world.