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Zimmer Damping Technology


The Zimmer Group manufacture premium products for the likes of the mechanical and plant engineering sector. The Group started out as a family-owned business in the early 1980s, and has since gone on to become one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of specialised industrial machine components.


The Zimmer Group’s products catalogue is wide ranging and includes robot accessories, linear modules, adjustment jaws, cutting tongs, separators, ball joints and many different clamping and braking elements. They are also renowned for their industry leading designs in the field of damping technology, which we will look at in a bit more detail in the following paragraphs.


Zimmer Dampening Products


The range of industrial damping technology produced by the Zimmer Group includes translational damping and rotational damping options. Providing a variety of solutions under each design umbrella helps the Zimmer dampening products adapt to many different complex tasks, even in systems operating with an extremely heavy load or at a high velocity.


The main idea behind the design of the products is to increase both productivity and profitability. Zimmer understands that many types of industrial machinery uses multiple moving parts, often moving at high velocity and with fierce kinetic energy. With high impact forces and intense vibrations being a necessary result of this energy and movement, it is crucial that the surplus energy is diverted safely out of the machine via the Zimmer dampening products.


Adequately siphoning off the energy helps the machinery’s moving parts avoid collisions caused by misalignment, while minimising any damage accumulated over periods of time which then reduces the lifespan of the machine itself.


All of the Zimmer dampers provide a solution for energy dissipation. Kinetic energy which turns into thermal energy via friction can also be reduced with the use of the Zimmer dampening products. The Zimmer Group and their Industrial Damping Technology division have developed what they call tribological knowledge, which is a basically a catalogue of information regarding friction and friction reduction technology. The Zimmer Group designs special components to reduce or redirect kinetic energy, especially for machines or parts of machines which are particularly at risk of damage.


Advantages of Zimmer Damping Technology


The shock absorption and friction reducing products made by the Zimmer Group present certain advantages to a wide variety of individual machines and industrial machinery systems operating with many different applications.


These advantages include the aforementioned service life increase, which is achieved through the significant reduction of damaging impacts and vibrations. This in turn reduces maintenance costs by minimising machine failure and down time. With such Zimmer damping components in a machine, the operational velocities of the machine can be greatly increased. Additionally, the shock absorption products decrease the chance of collisions and hard impact stops caused by errors such as misalignment or overload.


As well as a notable increase in the productivity and efficiency of the machines equipped with Zimmer dampening components, the minimal vibration and reduced impacts mean a noticeable reduction in the noise levels produced by the machines.


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