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Yorkshire Belts Supplier


Yorkshire is home to many businesses running industrial machinery, with companies operating all over the country in places such as Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield, to name but a few.

YB Components are able to use their local stocks of the best industrial machine parts to deliver the items that local businesses in this area need quicker than anyone else in the country and completely free of charge. In many instances we can deliver the required parts on the very same day they are ordered. This fast turnaround coupled with their access to the highest quality parts make YB Components the best belts supplier Yorkshire and the UK has to offer.

While YB Components can ship parts quickly all over the UK and indeed all around the world, it is the businesses who need a belts supplier in Leeds or a company that needs belts in Castleford that can benefit from this same-day free delivery the most.

Belt Suppliers in Yorkshire

The local stocks of variable speed belts consist of a wide variety of the highest quality and application-specific belts designed and built by the world’s most renowned parts manufacturers.

Belts Pontefract-based companies might need include Carlisle belts, while belts Normanton-based companies need might be the Convey Xonic belts, described in more detail below. Castleford, Knottingley, Wakefield, Bradford and Leeds are all home to businesses who might need any or all of these belts and more.

Here are just three of the manufacturers who design belts Pontefract and Normanton companies as well as those based anywhere else around Yorkshire, the UK and the world will often require…

Berges Variable Speed Belts

The German firm Berges manufacture variable speed belts and are well known as one the industry leaders in variable speed pulley technology design. Their variable speed belts are exceptionally efficient at reducing friction even while still producing increased torque. The Berges speed belts are suitable for a wide variety of applications where a robust and efficient mechanical variable speed drive is required.

Deepak Suppliers

YB Components are the UK’s leading Deepak suppliers and keep local stocks of their variable speed pulley products. The products themselves are originally manufactured in India where the firm’s thirty-five plus years of experience have enabled them to design a variety of belt drives that are used in applications such as printing, machine tooling, pharma machinery operations, processing, packaging, woodworking and even heavy duty agriculture equipment.

Convey Xonic Poly-V Belts

The Convey Xonic Poly-V belts are high tension and high-powered variable speed belts manufactured by Hutchinson Belt Drive Systems. They are built to last a long time even without much maintenance. They are made with a special reinforced stretchy elastic nylon which massively enhances the amount of weight that can be transported via motorised roller conveyors.

If you require any Berges variable speed belts, Yorkshire-based YB Components are the UK’s leading belts suppliers so contact their friendly team today to order any of the parts mentioned above or that are featured on the website.