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The Case for Couplings and Clutches


Simply put, a coupling is a mechanical device which is primarily used to connect two different shafts together at each of their ends with the purpose of transmitting power from one shaft to the other. A clutch differs in that it directly engages or disengages the power that is transmitted from one shaft, the driving shaft, to the other shaft, the driven shaft. In their most basic application, clutches connect and disconnect two rotating shafts, with one of those shafts attached to and being powered by an engine and the other shaft producing the output power for whatever job is being carried out by the machinery employing the clutch.


Couplings differ in that they don’t normally allow for connection and disconnection of the shafts during operation of the machine. Their primary purpose is to join and align two separate pieces of rotating equipment, allowing power to transmit from one to the other. However, there are coupling distributors who provide line-blurring options for couplings that, while not technically mechanical clutches, still do a good job of disconnecting the power when needed.


Torque Limiting Coupling Suppliers


There is particular variety of coupling manufacture that produces torque limiting couplings which include an automatic device which senses and protects the coupling from mechanical overload. They operate by ‘slipping’ or by uncoupling entirely. The slipping method is often referred to as a ‘slip-clutch’, while the uncoupling method is usually referred to as a ‘shear pin’. All reputable coupling suppliers like YB Components should be able to provide options for both types of torque limiting coupling devices. Some coupling manufacturers refer to this type of coupling as an ‘overload clutch’.


These torque limiters are especially useful when used with machinery that is prone to crash stops and sudden jams. In fact, utilising such protective devices with your machines can help prolong the life of your mechanical equipment by reducing wear and tear.


UK Couplings Distributors


YB Components are the world’s premium coupling suppliers and boast an extensive range of products from small flexible couplings to large rigid couplings. Brands supplied by YB Components include Desch with their Habix, Hadeflex and Orpex couplings, and Dinal ( who manufacture GEL and Specialmatic couplings along with their Elasticflex coupling options, Unimatic and Uniquadra.


There is also Enemac, an excellent German company who have been manufacturing couplings and torque limiters since 1981. Falk are another coupling manufacturer that specialises in a variety of useful coupling types, particularly Steelflex Grid couplings and Wrapflex couplings. Another manufacturer that YB Components make available in the UK is Jaure Couplings, who have a interesting array of products with their coupling options including Crowned Tooth Gear, TCB Barrel, Jauflex Elastic and Lamidsic ‘all steel’ couplings.


Whichever brand of couplings manufacture you prefer, whether it be one of the companies mentioned above or any of the other brands whose products YB Components make available in the UK such as Kaurmann Couplings, Reich Couplings, Kumera, SIT or Tschan, there is no company better placed to help you find the ideal coupling or clutch for your mechanical needs than YB Components.