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What is a Brushless DC Gearmotor?   


Brushless DC gearmotors or geared motors were originally developed to solve certain performance issues inherent with conventional brushed DC motors. The ZD brushless DC gearmotor, for example, is smaller and lighter than similar brushed versions, and yet generates less noise and has a longer service life.

Brushed vs Brushless DC Motors

Brushed DC motors are quite an old technology, invented as they were in the 19th century. They are still common, although the newer brushless DC motor designs became possible in the 1960s after the development of solid state electronics.

The difference between the two motors is the sliding mechanical commutator contact used by the brushed DC motor. In the brushless version, it is replaced with an electronic servo system where an electronic sensor detects the angle of the rotor and subsequently controls the semiconductor switches. This enables the brushless DC motor to switch current through the windings by reversing the direction of the current by adjusting the angle so the electromagnets create torque in the desired direction.

By removing the sliding mechanical commutator contact, brushless DC motors operate with less friction and thus last longer than brushed motors.

Understanding Brushless DC Geared Motors

While non-geared brushless DC motors offer similar performance in terms of efficiency and controllability, it is technically difficult to design a small motor to operate at low speeds of a few hundred RPM without a gearhead. That’s why we have the likes of the ZD brushless geared motor, which has a motor able to deliver high torque at low speed while still retaining the benefits of a non-geared brushless DC motor.

To build a geared brushless DC motor, there must be a built-in gear mechanism such as multi-stage gears or a planetary gear system. These gears are housed in the motor case and connect to the motor drive shaft. They engage with each another to decrease the speed of the brushless DC motor while increasing the output torque through angular moment.

Brushless DC gearmotors are designed according to various factors such as the required output speed and torque, as well as the space available for installation.

Benefits of ZD Brushless DC Gearmotors

The ZD brushless DC geared motors are especially useful for low-speed and high-torque applications. Plus, as previously mentioned, there are a variety of excellent benefits for using brushless DC gearmotors such as the longer service life and quieter operation, as well as the high efficiency compared to brushed DC geared motors.

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