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Wenglor Sensors: InoxSens


The Wenglor Sensor OKII403C0103 is now available through YB Components who keep stock of the product in the UK so it is primed and ready for fast delivery.

About Wenglor Sensors

Wenglor have been designing and developing some of the finest optoelectronic sensor technology ever since their founding back in 1983.  Although the company actually started out manufacturing their products in an attic, their high quality design and innovation soon brought the company global success.

Just a few years after the business started, Wenglor created the world’s first red light sensor with background suppression. The company continued to expand over the next couple of decades, innovating more and more products and using the likes of world trade fairs to show them off. Fast forward to today, and the name Wenglor is synonymous with high quality innovations manufactured in Germany.

Below we take a closer look at the special Wenglor sensor available for fast delivery in the UK from YB Components.

Wenglor Sensor OKII403C0103 (OK11403C0103)

The InoxSens sensor is a retro-reflex sensor specifically designed for clear glass recognition. Often referred to by its product code, OKII403C0103 (sometimes stylised as OK11403C0103), this InoxSens sensor is part of Wenglor’s hygiene series, with the hygienic design making it especially easy to clean. It is also manufactured with food safe materials that are FDA approved. This particular Wenglor sensor is also waterproof with IP codes IP68 and IP69K.

InoxSens sensors have also been designed to allow contamination and cleaning agents to flow off easily without additional effort. The complete system consists of a variety of components which integrate seamlessly into the machine for which the sensor is being applied.

Wenglor Sensors Use High Quality Materials

The OKII403C0103 sensor has a laser-welded housing made of stainless steel, rated V4A (1.4404/316L). This makes it completely resistant to corrosion as well as resistant to any harm from cleaning agents. This InoxSens sensor is also set up with the help of touch teach-in (external teach-in) which is all made possible by the hermetically sealed housing.

These retro-reflex sensors also come with a gap-free mounting featuring InoxLock mounting technology. This makes the InoxSens especially adaptable to cleaning-heavy environments thanks to the captive optics enhancing the sensor’s optimal suitability.

Sensor Specifications for OKII403C0103

This sensor has a 4000mm optical range with a red light source and a polarization filter. It features a single lens optic with an opening angle of 3 degrees. The switching frequency is 1600Hz and it comes with short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection and overload protection. The InoxSens OK11403C0103 can be used in a number of applications and with a variety of complementary products such as reflectors and reflector foils, convertors and adaptor boxes.

The Wenglor sensor can be ordered from the Special Parts section of the YB Components website.

If you require any Wenglor Sensors such as the InoxSens OKII403C0103 (OK11403C0103) – then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Wenglor sensor suppliers with a UK stock supply primed for fast delivery.