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Wenglor: Sensor Manufacturing Excellence


The enormous range of optoelectronic sensor products designed by Wenglor Sensors is impressive enough, but when combined with the consistent excellence they also produce it is easy to see why they are considered one of the world’s preeminent sensor manufacturers.

Wenglor Photoelectronic Sensors

The diverse range of innovative photoelectronic sensors provide solutions for a multitude of complex automation applications. Wenglor’s photoelectronic sensors are able to detect or count objects without needing direct contact with them. They can also measure distances with extremely high accuracy while identifying colours, brightness or luminescent elements such as fluorescence or phosphorescence.

The design of these high quality sensor products makes installation easy and flexible as they are compatible with many different mounting systems. They can also be used within extreme conditions or in particularly tight spaces thanks to the option of connecting fibre optic cables.

Within Wenglor’s range of photoelectronic sensors you will find products designed specifically for roller conveyor systems as well as a myriad of specific-task sensors such as print mark readers, gloss sensors, through-beam sensors and reflex sensors with background suppression.

Wenglor Retro Reflex Sensors

One of the most popular products Wenglor manufacture is the Retro Reflex Sensor, product number OKII403C0103 (sometimes mistakenly stylised as OK11403C0103). It is an InoxSens sensor designed for clear glass recognition. The OKII403C0103 sensor is part of the hygiene series of Wenglor sensors and thus is it is very easy to clean and maintain.

Due to the enduring popularity of this particular Retro Reflex Sensor, YB Components always keep stock of the OKII403C0103 in the UK so that it is ready to ship out immediately upon being ordered.

Wenglor Ultrasonic Sensors

Wenglor also manufacture ultrasonic sensors which can operate while being almost completely unaffected by interfering factors such as extraneous light, dust, smoke or vapour.  They work by sending pulsed ultrasonic waves of a particular frequency which help identify the target’s distance from the duration of the ultrasound that is reflected.

The Wenglor ultrasonic sensors are ideally suited to tasks involving the detection of transparent or dark objects, working particularly well with reflective surfaces, shiny objects or with liquids and bulk materials. If you require reliable detection and distance measurement of objects, independent of their material, colour, transparency or  texture, then you need one of Wenglor’s easy-to-use ultrasonic sensors.

The range of ultrasonic sensors includes high performance distance sensors, reflex sensors with or without an analogue output, plus fork sensors for label detection.

Miscellaneous Wenglor Sensors

In addition to the photoelectronic, ultrasonic and Retro Reflex Sensors, Wenglor also design and manufacture a number of other types of sensor products. These include inductive sensors with a variety of switching distances and operational temperature ranges, and fluid sensors that operate according to either the flow or pressure of the fluid. They also make 2D and 3D sensors, as well as 1D or 2D barcode scanners.

If you require any Wenglor Sensors such as the OKII403C0103 Retro Reflex Sensor (OK11403C0103) – then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Wenglor Sensor suppliers with a UK stock supply primed for fast delivery.