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Wedge Belts and Cogged Wedge Belts


Wedge belts are designed for high performance and can deliver up to double the amount of power produced by conventional variable speed belts. This makes the wedge belts Yorkshire-based supplier YB Components supply suitable for most industrial applications, especially when space, weight and higher levels of horsepower capacity are a priority.

Wedge Belt Advantages Over Conventional V-Belts

The heavier duty rubber used in wedge belt manufacture is more resistant to wear and tear, with the impregnated fabric wrap providing protection from oil and dirt. The fabric wrap also adds an extra layer of protection against heat, all of which combines to produce an extended belt life compared to standard variable speed belts.

Many wedge belt suppliers, Yorkshire’s YB Components being one, often stock wedge belt products made with specially treated low-stretch polyester tension cords. These special cords create a higher dynamic load capability and additional resistance to flex fatigue. The design also helps the belts absorb shocks and impacts.

The highest quality wedge belt designs also feature a rubber base that has been loaded with fibres that gives the belts an impressive horizontal rigidity. The fibre in the rubber base also adds tension support which enables greater power transmission capability.

The usual operating temperature range goes from minus-40 degrees Celsius up to 70 degrees Celsius. They are one of the most hard-wearing belt designs thanks to being oil, heat and ozone resistant, and good quality wedge belts will all have antistatic properties according to the ISO 1813 requirements.

Cogged Wedge Belts

Wedge belt supplier’s like Yorkshire-based YB Components will often have a cogged wedge belt variety. These extra special wedge belts boast an increased power capacity so the same amount of power can be transmitted but with fewer belts. The extra robustness of cogged wedge belts also extends their usability lifespan.

Cogged wedge belts are highly flexible, featuring multi-layered industrial backing fabric. This heavy duty fabric protects the cogged wedge belt’s components and supports its tension cords. In turn, this additional support allows them to achieve significantly higher levels of flexibility.

The dynamic load capability of cogged wedge belts is also increased thanks to the specially treated low stretch polyester tension cords which perform the same function as with the standard wedge belts by providing extra resistance to flex fatigue and regular shocks and impacts.

Wedge belts are known for their increased power transmission, and this is enhanced even further with the cogged variety. The deeper profile of the cogged cushion increases support for the belt fibre’s tension cords which enables them to handle higher tensions which is how the increased power transmission is achieved.

If you require any variable speed belts or wedge belts, Yorkshire’s YB Components keep local stocks to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world, so contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading wedge belt supplier in Yorkshire.