Wanshsin Geared Motor Parts and Components


Wanshsin Seiko is a Chinese manufacturer of specialised gear motors. They have been producing a variety of speed-reducing motors ever since their founding in 2009. Their products as described briefly below have become necessary components for many different kinds of machines and industrial processes around the world. The products Wanshsin produce fit a particular niche for large, medium and micro-sized gear motors that are specifically designed for a number of different purposes.


While Wanshsin manufacture many different kinds of geared motor units to suit these applications, they are compartmentalised into three main categories which are explained in more detail below.


Planetary Speed Reducing Motors


The first of the three groups of geared motors manufactured by Wanshsin are rather extravagantly referred to as Planetary speed-reducers, though we can assure you that they are not quite as large as their name suggests. However, if you have concluded that your industrial requirements these ball-bearing-operated speed-reducing motor, then it is in the Planetary category that you should look.


Included in the Planetary-sized Wanshsin parts catalogue are the WSF Series and WAB Series Helical Reducers, which are renowned for their low backlash and high efficiency. As with many of the other Wanshsin parts, these reducers operate extremely quietly within their compact structures and are maintenance-free. The long life expectancy of these components is another plus point of the design models used by the Wanshsin parts manufacturers.


Other designs in the Planetary catalogue include the WME Series and WML Series Spur Gear Reducers as well as several other designs that are suited to many different applications.


Medium Speed Reducing Motor


The medium-sized speed reducers come in four main categories: Single Phase Horizontal Brake Reducer, Vertical Brake Reducer, Vertical Normal Reducer, and Vertical Hand Releasing Brake Reducer. There are a few other options available as well, such as various Three Phase reducers, plus there are Horizontal and Vertical Drop Box and High Ratio versions.


Standing separately in this medium-sized reducer category are the Straight Junction Gear Reducers and the Biaxial Type Gear Speed Reducer. Though these are singular models, they are designed and manufactured with the same precision and efficiency as the Planetary geared motor units.


Compact Speed Reducing Motor


Sometimes referred to as the Micro Speed Reducing Motor, the Compact version of these Wanshsin parts is the group featuring the smallest gear motors they produce. There are many variations on the micro models, with a range including motors that operate at just 6W of power and others that operate at over 120W.


Applications for Wanshsin Parts


All of the Wanshsin components listed above are used in many different sectors with a wide variety of applications. All three sizes of the Wanshsin speed reducing technologies are used in machine tools and manufacturing systems, as well as in machinery specifically for the food and packaging industries. Printing and woodworking machines also make regular use of the Wanshsin parts, and they are especially prominent throughout the robotics, automation and other robotic technologies industry.


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