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Vulkollan wheels are a popular product used on a wide variety of industrial applications. They are made out of a special polyurethane that contains a very powerful elastomer and have become the industry standard for the applications they are used for.

As the UK’s leading Vulkollan wheels suppliers, Yorkshire-based YB Components keep local stocks of these important parts which can be shipped quickly all over the UK for free. Companies based in Yorkshire themselves can even expect delivery on the same day they order in many cases. In addition to supplying the UK with Vulkollan products, these parts can also be shipped all around the world wherever they are required.

Below is some technical information about the special material that gives Vulkollan wheels their name.

Vulkollan Wheels Technical Information

The name ‘Vulkollan’ is actually a proprietary name and trade mark of Covestro AG. They created their special compound by blending polyurethane with the extremely durable elastomer Desmodur 15. Without the correct amount of Desmodur 15, no polyurethane product can rightfully claim to be Vulkollan, although there are plenty of product descriptions out there that wrongfully claim their polyurethane material is Vulkollan.

Vulkollan is a warm cast polyurethane, examples of which are notably superior to cold cast polyurethanes. The material’s standard production hardness factors are 90 and 95 degrees Type A on the Shore Durometer. There are some customised versions of the compound that come with a hardness factor of 80 degrees Type A which improves grip ability, though the optimal properties of Vulkollan are reached at the 90 degree Type A hardness. The 95 degree Type A Vulkollan can handle a 15% heavier load capacity than the 90 degree version.

Vulkollan is notable for having high prolongation, elongation and rigidity.  The normal 90 degree Vulkollan can be lengthened by up to seven times its original length. It is also very resistant to tears and rips and even when the tread does manage to accrue some damage, the material is not inclined to continue tearing and thus will remain functional.

Vulkollan Operational Temperatures

Vulkollan will remain elastic and shock-absorbing in temperatures as low as minus-40 degrees Celsius. The tear-resistance of Vulkollan wheels is strongly reduced at temperatures over 80 degrees Celsius, and temperatures over 125 degrees Celsius will cause permanent damage to the chemical structure of the material.

Within the minus-40 to 80 degrees Celsius range, Vulkollan remains extremely resistant to abrasions and will have a much longer lifespan than ordinary rubber.

Vulkollan Wheels Suppliers in Yorkshire

If you operate a business in the Yorkshire area and require Vulkollan wheels, then YB Components can get them delivered to you on the same day you order. Delivery is also quick and free across the whole of the UK, and so far over 40 countries around the world have also been satisfied by this quick shipping of industrial components.

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