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Vital safety functions in pneumatic systems

YB Components has years of experience sourcing and supplying specialist parts such as Sira spring tool balancers, Bevel helical components, Conax clutches, Enemac shaft locking devices, and a whole host of other vital machinery parts. Our database of more than 150,000 manufacturers throughout America and Europe include specialist pneumatic components for pneumatic systems.

Pneumatics is a type of engineering, which utilises pressurised air or gas. It is common for pneumatic systems to be powered by either compressed inert gas or compressed air. These highly skilled mechanical processes are most commonly used in mills, factories, construction, and other technology and building arenas.

If you do work with pneumatic systems and are interested in the different vital safety functions within the systems, then read on as YB Components explore the different critical safety elements within pneumatic systems.

Unintended start-up protection

As Pneumatic Tips writes in an article about critical safety functions within pneumatic systems, protection from an unintended start-up is perhaps the most vital safety function on many pneumatic machines.

This vital safety function is most commonly achieved by a valve that has been purpose-built to act as a safety barrier for unintended start-ups.

Movement reversing

In basic applications reversing the movement can be accomplished by utilising what’s known as a spring-return solenoid valve. However, applications requiring a more robust solution, redundant valve elements can be plumbed specially in so they will, as Pneumatic Tips informs, “only extend the cylinder when both valve elements have shifted.”

Speed reduction

The ability to reduce the speed of a pneumatic system is one of the most common types of safety functions of pneumatic equipment. Flow controls can be made to be tamper resistant following an initial assessment to make sure movement parameters aren’t tampered with later on.

Blocking and stopping

Having a pilot-operated check valve installed on a cylinder port can often be sufficient in the blocking and stopping safety function of many pneumatic systems. However, more complex applications will often require a clamp or mechanical rod brake which utilises spring pressure in order to hold the piston rod in place when used together with an appropriate valve.

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