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Variable Speed Pulleys: What are they?

From Berges variable speed pulleys to Lenze variable speed pulleys, there is a huge range of variable speed pulleys on the market. But what exactly are these important industrial components and how do they work?

Put simply, a variable speed pulley is a device that alters the speed of the rotating shaft member in order to either increase or decrease the revolutions of that particular shaft per minute. There is a ‘V’ section used in the belt of the pulley. The sides of this ‘V’ component conform to the angular faces of the pulley flanges. The belt is then forced up or down the pulley as the flanges open or close. This motion produces either a smaller or larger working pitch diameter. Depending on the size of the diameter, the revolutions of the shaft per minute will either increase or decrease.

Typically two pulleys are mounted on different shafts. One is the driven shaft and the other is the driver shaft. The former is the unit in which the speed variation is required. The latter is the power source, such as an electric motor. The belt is simply used to transfer power from these two shafts. The action between the belts and the pulley faces produces friction, which generates the transmitting capacity of the belt.

A low cost method of continuous speed variation

The variable speed pulley is a drive that is well-established, designed to provide a continuous speed variation and a relatively low cost.

Continuous variable transmission (CVT) is essentially a transmission which can alter seamlessly through an unlimited number of gear ratios. This differs to other mechanical transmissions that only provide a fixed amount of gear ratios. It is the flexibility of CVT that enable the input shaft to preserve a consistent angular velocity.

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For more information on the various makes of variable speed pulleys and belts, visit our variable speed/mechanical/spring type pulley page.

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