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Variable Speed Drive Suppliers


There are many pulley and belt manufacturers who produce top quality products, with YB Components keen to ensure their good work is available to companies all over the world. Below we feature just a couple of the variable speed drive manufacturers whose parts and products are available to order through YB Components.

Berges Variable Speed Pulleys and Belts

Berges are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of variable speed drive products. They have been at the forefront of speed drive innovation ever since their acquisition of the Becker asymmetrical pulley system back in 2003. Since adopting and subsequently pioneering this system, Berges has become the global specialist in mechanically variable pulley technology with an extraordinarily wide range of products.

Those products famously include the Berges Variable Speed Pulleys that use broad Berges variable speed belts with the Becker System. The infinitely variable speed control of the motors create an optimum quality product that has superior operational safety within all the many different applications it is used for.

The Becker System includes variable speed units with asymmetric profiles which have proven themselves to be superior in multiple ways. Firstly, the asymmetric system has a two degree sheave on the shaft, while the axially-directed eighteen degree sheave means that that the belt’s tensile forces operate very close to the shaft bearings. The operational pressure affecting the free shaft ends is minimal and shouldn’t change even when the pulleys are using Berges variable speed belts.

The asymmetric V-Belts used with the Becker System are smaller than other types which gives them better lateral rigidity, lower centrifugal forces and significantly less internal heating. The decrease in belt size actually helps increase the load capacity and leads to a longer lifespan for the belt. The Becker System’s Berges pulleys are also much easier to install and align than conventional pulley systems.

Deepak Variable Speed Pulleys

Deepak Drives are India’s largest manufacturer of mechanical variable speed pulley drives for industrial applications. The company has a dedicated research and development department to create continuous product design innovations and raise the quality of their products overall.

What is especially interesting about the Deepak variable speed pulley systems is that they can be interchanged with many of the older variable speed pulley drives, including those manufactured by Lenze, Becker, Berges and TB Woods. Deepak variable speed pulleys can even work with certain obsolete designs no long in circulation.

The Deepak variable speed pulleys include a Fixed Centre Drive model which consists of one pulley mounted on the motor shaft which can be mechanically adjusted according to the operator’s specifications. There is also a second pulley which is spring loaded and mounted on the shaft of the pulley.

Deepak also manufacture an Adjustable Centre Drive model. This special pulley system includes a spring loaded pulley, a fixed diameter pulley, a variable speed belt and a motor slide base. As the name of the product reveals, the centre is adjustable which enables it to be used with other brands of pulley, particularly those designed and manufactured by Lenze.

If you require any variable speed pulleys then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Berges, Lenze, SIT, TB Woods and Deepak suppliers. YB Components offers one of the widest varieties of variable speed pulley systems and the appropriate V-belts, and can ship this parts all over the world.