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Variable Speed Belts Manufacturers


There are a lot of different variable speed belt products designed and built by many different high quality manufacturers, so here is a quick introduction to some of the variable speed pulleys and belt manufacturers available through YB Components.

Berges Speed Belts

Berges produce symmetrical and asymmetrical variable speed belts, with the former operating up to 160 kW and the latter operating up to 200 kW. They also design and manufacture double pulley drives or compound pulley systems, which feature a combination of two pulleys working together to move the load.

Browning Variable Speed Pulley

Browning’s MVP sheaves include angular-faced centre flanges bolted to the barrel-mounted fixed flange, with another series of angular-faced flanges bolted to the threaded locking collar on the end flange. These angular flanges move closer together to increase the pitch diameter when the threaded locking collar is turned clockwise, and turning it anti-clockwise moves the angular flanges apart to decrease the pitch diameter.

Carlisle High Performance Belts

There are some excellent synchronous belts in the Carlisle variable speed belts range, including the Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger (ACHE) that features a Z-shaped twist and a vertical shaft. The Carlisle Cotton Drive belts are designed to replace OEM belts on cotton gin drives. They can operate in harsh conditions and they are very strong, as well as boasting high dimensional stability due to the Ultra-Cord tensile members.

Deepak Pulleys

Deepak’s Fixed Centre Variable Speed Pulley Drives includes two variable speed pulleys and a variable speed belt, with the mechanically-adjustable first pulley mounted on the motor shaft and the spring-loaded second pulley mounted on the shaft of the pulley. Deepak’s Adjustable Centre Variable Speed Pulley Drives include a spring loaded pulley alongside a fixed diameter pulley with a variable speed belt and a motor slide base. The adjustable variety of these Deepak pulleys is interchangeable with a Lenze Pulley.

Lenze Variable Speed Pulleys

The variable speed belts manufactured by Lenze produce high quality performance in tight spaces with increased flexibility and reduced heat generation. These V-belts are ribbed and can be jacketed or raw-edged according to the application. Other options include low-expansion or reinforced tensile cords. Lenze’s toothed belt pulleys can come in unprocessed, pre-processed or fully processed form, and they can also be clamped or unclamped. There are also many options with tooth shapes and pitches.

Other Lenze products available include the rotating Lenze power belt which can be used in applications with power transmissions up to 1000 kW. The Poly Chain Carbon Volt power belt is an innovative synchronous drive system with a patented carbon fibre and antistatic coating. The polyurethane composite and integrated carbon fibre tensile cord makes it very resistant to operational fatigue. The range of Lenze products available come in a variety of profiles, pitches and dimensions.

If you require Berges speed belts, Carlisle variable speed belts, Deepak pulleys or any of the Lenze products available, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading machine parts suppliers.