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Using industrial components in upcycling projects


Industrial interior design is all the rage these days. The ‘warehouse look’ that combines industrial features such as stainless steel surfaces, vintage furniture and metal light fixtures with other styles, are proving to be a popular look both in residential and commercial interior design.

Industrial components can play a key role in these super fashionable interiors. From a Sirem gearbox that’s no longer required, a Planox clutch that’s seen better days and an Orpex coupling which has finally given up the goose, if you’re wandering about what to do with unused industrial components you may have stored and taking up valuable space in a yard, workshop or even home, you may want to think about using such parts for ultra-fashionable upcycling projects.

As Trend Hunter writes in its scrap design feature:

“In this era of upcycling, designers are attempting to use whatever they can to avoid waste and to relay a message.”

Some of the most popular and effective upcycled industrial interior design features include industrial pipeline bookcases, which, as you may have guessed, involve an exposed pipe being made into a book shelf. Another effective way to utilise the industrial bareness of pipe is to incorporate pipeline lighting into an interior.

C-clamp coffee tables that comprise of a series of c-clamps make effective furniture feature in these types of interiors, as do upcycled commercial crates whereby wooden pallets that would have been cast to the landfill or burned on the fire, are transformed into ultra-trendy pieces of furniture.

Green design

With our drive to adopt greener practices and lifestyles both at work and at home, upcycling provides an eco-friendly, fun and effective way for both homeowners and businesses to adhere to greener lifestyles.

As the Entrepreneur notes in a feature about how more and more businesses are jumping on the upcycling bandwagon, transforming old items into ‘new’ ones has become a “treasure trove for green business ideas.”

“Forget recycling. Reusing materials discarded in the manufacturing process is a growing force behind a fresh new industry,” says Entrepreneur.

Trend Hunter reiterates how upcycling industrial components and other scrap metal is an environmentally-friendly way to furnish living and working spaces.

“The use of industrial pieces, from pipes to tools, makes stripped-down furniture pieces funky and modern, lending a twist to home décor that in many cases also achieves the goal of being eco-friendly.”

Instead of heading to the landfill or for incineration, by transforming industrial components such as Falk couplings, Heynau gearboxes and Desch couplings, or whatever scrap materials you have on offer, you’ll create a bright, stylish, individual and eco-friendly way to furnish a living space.

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