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Use Wrapflex Couplings for Increased Productivity


Wrapflex Couplings are non-lubricated couplings which are used in a variety of applications in many industries. They are unique in that they feature material-flexing with a Polyurethane element which provides the ideal wear and chemical resistance, helping produce a longer lasting product.


Wrapflex Couplings and Other Coupling Designs


In the most basic terms, a coupling is a device used with industrial machinery to connect two rods or shafts together at their connecting ends so that the powered shaft can transmit its power efficiently to the second shaft, although there are several other types of coupling with different purposes.


There are some torque-limiting couplings which can disconnect when a particular torque limit is exceeded, though usually the couplings won’t allow a disconnection of the two shafts during their operational procedures. Joining the two shafts (usually of rotating equipment) is the primary purpose of a coupling, but they are also designed to allow for a small degree of misalignment, which can happen when the movement of one or both of the shafts are not in 100% unison.


Why High Quality Couplings Are Important


Good quality couplings are important because a company can make substantial savings on their material and production costs thanks to a reduction in downtime of their machines, assuming the couplings are selected for purpose and a regular maintenance schedule is adhered to. Wrapflex couplings, as well as similarly designed examples such as Tschan Posiflex couplings, are especially advantageous due to a variety of additional reasons which I will address in the next paragraph.


The Advantages of Wrapflex Couplings


One of the main bonuses of using Wrapflex couplings is their excellent vibration dampening capability. An efficient dampening capacity is highly desirable in industrial machinery such as machine tools or crankshafts, especially for any materials utilised within certain structures where unwanted vibrations can cause damage to other machinery or disturbances to workers in the near vicinity. This kind of vibration transfer can have very damaging long-term impacts on the productivity of a company’s machinery.


There are other common industrial materials such as steel and brass which do have small vibration dampening capacities themselves, which allow for the resultant vibrational energy to be transmitted through them without losing their power. Wrapflex couplings and the likes of Tschan Posiflex couplings are especially adept at maintaining power while reducing the transfer of vibrational energy.


Wrapflex couplings also have a high-misalignment capacity which allows for greater flexibility between the two shafts. In turn, this greater flexibility due to the high-misalignment capabilities helps provide an extended life capacity to the machinery the couplings are being used with. They are also easy to install and replace, making maintenance of the machines a simple process which again will help extend their life spans. Wrapflex couplings and Tschan Posiflex couplings are also ATEX certified, meaning they are safe for use within potentially explosive atmospheres.


Wrapflex couplings or Tschan Posiflex couplings will help improve your machinery’s long-term productivity, so contact YB Components as soon as possible as they can ship these excellent parts all over the world.