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Une-Flex Tyre Couplings for Big Shifts and Shocks

Une are specialists in designing and manufacturing rubber-metal and textile-rubber industrial coupling products, in particular the Une-Flex Tyre Coupling now available through Une-Flex suppliers YB Components.

The Une-Flex Tyre Coupling is a highly flexible rubber coupling designed to compensate for big shifts and shocks. The product boasts excellent elasticity which enable it to compensate for extremely large offsets in all directions without generating wear and tear. These Une-Flex couplings do not generate backlash, and the quick smoothing qualities allow it to absorb torque peaks while dampening vibrations.

Une-Flex couplings like this tyre coupling design are used across a wide variety of application fields including the iron and steel industry, mining, shipbuilding and hoisting. They are also used in the paper industry, as well as with compressors and cement and pump installations.

Let’s look closer the Une-Flex Tyre Coupling now available to UK customers through Une-Flex suppliers YB Components.

Flexible Tyre Coupling by Une-Flex Couplings

The Une-Flex shaft coupling is comprised of natural rubber with fabric reinforcements set on the coupling’s hub. They are fixed via fastenings between the rings and screws, while the coupling’s rubber tyre is split which allows the rubber band to be radially replaced without moving the hubs. The driver or the driven equipment can also be realigned without moving the hubs, which helps reduce downtime.

The fabric of the Une-Flex Tyre Coupling can also be aligned radially via the R arrangement, or transversally via the X arrangement. These options provide a range of different spring stiffness levels to work with. The R arrangement tyres have a lower torsional stiffness, while the X arrangement is better suited for applications with reverse operations that experience frequent shock loads.

This exact specifications of the Une-Flex Tyre Coupling include a range of options along with the standard model, including taper lock bushings and one type with a special spacer for pump drives. There are also brake discs and brake drums in accordance with the standards of metallurgical plant cranes, as well as SAE flywheel assembly and specially-designed tyre couplings that balance greater misalignments in drives with sliding rotor motors.

Une-Flex Tyre Coupling Benefits

No routine maintenance or lubrication is required for the Une-Flex Tyre Coupling, plus it is quick and easy to install and replace.

The product available through Une-Flex suppliers features high misalignment capabilities to compensate for extremely large angular, axial and radial misalignments. The vibration dampening and shock absorption is also high thanks to the smoothing and damping properties.

The standard Une-Flex couplings have a working temperature range from minus-20 degrees Celsius up to 80 degrees Celsius. Une-Flex couplings made with the chloroprene tyre compound have an upper temperature range of 100 degrees Celsius.

If you require any Une-Flex Couplings, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Une-Flex suppliers in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.