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Understanding torque in relation to industrial gearboxes and geared motors

What are the differences between Heynau gearboxes, Kumera gearboxes, Liming gearboxes, Parallel shift gearboxes, and Sirem gearboxes? If you are not a gearbox manufacturer, a gearbox distributor or a gearbox supplier or do not offer gearbox repair services, you might not know the difference between the leading gearboxes and geared motors manufacturers. What industrial gearboxes do have in common is they use mechanical advantages to increase output torque.

The shaft of the motor is fed into the gearbox a through a number of internal gearing, provides the torque and speed conversion.

So what exactly is torque?

Torque is essentially a unit of measurement used to represent the turning effort around an axis. When used as a noun, torque is the force that causes rotation. When used as a verb, one applies torque or a twisting force to an object.

Torque is typically expressed in kilogram-meters, pound-feet, pound-inches or Newton-meters.

Determining an ‘equivalent power rating’

Before a Heynau gearbox, Liming gearboxes, a Pujol muntala gearbox, Sirem geared motors Spaggiara gearboxes, Sumitomo gearboxes or any industrial gearboxes or geared motors can be selected for an application, an ‘equivalent power rating’ must be determined. This power rating can be determined by multiplying the specified transmitted power by the service factor.

So what’s the service factor?

The service factor represents the normal relationship the maximum potential transmitted power and the gear unit design power rating. It is encouraged that the service factor is applied to the nameplate rating of the driven machine or prime mover as applicable.

Both the gearbox manufacturer and the user of the application must agree on which driven machine requirements or prime mover rating should dictate the selection of the gear drive.

It is required that the selected gear drive has a rated load capacity that is equal to or exceeds the ‘equivalent power rating.’

Sourcing gearboxes and geared motors

From Spaggiari geared-motor units to Danfoss bauer industrial gearboxes, there are hundreds of industrial gearbox manufacturers across the globe which are required to have a selected gear drive which has a rated load capacity that is equal or in excess of the ‘equivalent power rating’.

Sourcing the correct industrial gearbox can be a minefield. This is when YB Components, which has been sourcing these products for many years, can prove imperative in helping you find the correct gearbox or geared motor which will provide the necessary torque for the application.