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Understanding Desch Clutches


Desch clutches are produced by an international manufacturer of various drive technologies based in Germany. They specialise in clutches and couplings, with the three primary Desch clutches being examined in further detail below.


As for the company behind these clutches, they have been around for over a hundred years in one form or another, having originally been established back in 1906. The business has stayed in the family all this time, and these days they still operate successfully as a family-owned enterprise managed by its owners in the fourth generation of the Desch family.


Planox Clutch

Because of the potential for the vibrations caused by rotation to have negative knock-on effects, certainly in the likes of diesel engines, Desch especially developed an extremely flexible clutch designed to safely transfer the requisite torque power while protecting the complete drive mechanism. The Planox clutch is often utilised in the mechanical plant and engineering industry thanks to the huge reduction in the friction they cause. The wealth of experience that the Desch family engineers have has produced a ‘technically sophisticated product’ that is sure to meet all modern industrial requirements.


The versatility of Planox clutches is also a key feature, as they can be controlled mechanically, pneumatically or hydraulically. The torque range of a Planox clutch is between100 to 1,000,000 Nm (Newton metre).


Conax Clutch

The Conax clutch is specifically designed by Desch to ably protect the drive mechanism from overload. A Conax clutch can be operated by the controller via hydraulic means. These kinds of clutches have often been tested in a varied range of applications such as in agricultural machine technology. A particular feature of Conax clutches that is well worth highlighting are their ability to force-connect both ends of the shaft at the coaxial. This connection means that shaft control bearings on the Conax clutch’s shaft couplings are only required when the shaft bearing is relatively unfavourable. Indeed, displacements of the shafts on the axial are regularly compensated when the clutch is not operational within the bore of the clutch housing itself.


Desch based their design of Conax clutches on the principle of the cone clutch which means it is self-centring and thus has an impressively high rate of resistance to high temperatures. Conax clutches are both mechanically actuated clutches as well as safety slipping clutches, featuring torque ranges of either 100 to 5,000 Nm or 50 to 24,000 Nm.


Centrex Clutch

The Centrex clutch is a centrifugal clutch system which features a combination of start-up couplings and safety friction clutches capable of dry runs with an automatic and speed-dependent on and off switch. When utilised as a start-up coupling, the Centrex clutch produces excellent results and provides many benefits especially when the drive mechanics have to accelerate a series of large rotating masses. Another benefit they have is their ability to handle running against load torques. These Desch clutches called the Centrex clutches are available with a torque range from 100 to 5,000 Nm.


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