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Tschan’s Nor-Mex Coupling Designs

ID-10051439The Nor-Mex series of couplings by Tschan are some of the most flexible and rotationally resilient of all coupling designs on the market. This exceptional flexibility enables the Tschan Nor-Mex couplings to compensate for angular, parallel and axial shaft misalignments of the two shafts connected by the coupling.

Often there are some concerns with regard to the atmosphere that flexible couplings are to be used in, as extreme temperatures or excessive dirt and dust can interfere with their operational functionality. This is a problem faced by most flexible coupling designs, so machines requiring hardier couplings will likely have to settle for a less flexible version. However, Tschan have found a middle ground by using a special rubber to manufacture the transitional rings of their couplings.

There are a variety of designs within the Tschan Nor-Mex coupling catalogue, all available to order through Tschan suppliers such as YB Components. Here we take a look at a few of the most popular models.

Tschan Nor-Mex Coupling – GBT

The Tschan Nor-Mex GBT coupling is a shock-proof claw coupling that features a brake drum and removable claw ring. It is torsionally flexible and compensates for all kinds of shaft misalignment including angular, axial and radial. This particular Tschan Nor-Mex coupling transmits torque via an elastic transitional ring which is made of Perbunan (Pb) with nitrile rubber, which excels at withstanding extreme temperatures ranging from minus 40 degrees up to 108 degrees Celsius.

This special material is also efficient at dampening vibrations and impact shocks. It is also oil proof as well as being the aforementioned temperature resistant. An additional feature of the GBT model is its electrical conductivity which helps prevent static charges from building up from the friction caused by the movement of the shafts.

Tschan Nor-Mex Coupling – GBHS

The GBHS coupling model is another shock-proof claw coupling that features a brake disc and removable claw ring. As well as also being fitted with an elastic transitional ring made of Perbunan with nitrile rubber (which is the same material used in the nuclear industry to make protective gloves), this Tschan Nor-Mex GBHS coupling can be utilised in either direction of rotation and is extremely versatile with regards to its starting position.

Tschan Nor-Mex Coupling – GWT 1 & 2

The GWT model comes in two models according to the required application sizes. The shafts connected by the GWT couplings are easily separated as one half consists of a hub and a bolt-on claw ring, with that claw ring able to be unbolted and drawn back. This easy separation allows the user to run a quick check of the rotational direction of the drive. This easy shaft disengaging process can also be adopted to allow the coupling to be removed in a radial direction, with the special elastic transitional ring allowing for the replacement of various components without causing any axial displacement.

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