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Tschan Posimin and Posiflex Couplings


Tschan Couplings merged with Ringfeder Power Transmission a few years ago with the two companies aiming to complement each other with their product design and manufacture, with Ringfeder hoping the merger would continue to expand their growing position in the global market.

Tschan Couplings and Tschan Suppliers

Prior to the merger, Tschan were well known for their variety of commercially successful shaft-coupling technology products. They were already a leading manufacturer of non-shiftable, mechanical shaft couplings with Tschan suppliers like YB Components making many of their high quality products available to businesses all around the world.

Their products were and still are primarily used with the machinery used in heavy-duty engineering applications. The mining and construction industries use Tshcan couplings a lot, as does the machinery found in the iron and steel production sector. There are also Tschan products that are used mainly with the likes of pumps and compressors and even offshore technological projects.

Ringfeder’s takeover of the Tschan firm only enhanced their capabilities to produce such high quality products, with Tschan and now Ringfeder continuing to be world leaders in locking assemblies, couplings and friction spring technology. Below we take a closer look at two of Tschan’s original coupling designs which are still available through Tschan suppliers.

Tschan POSIMIN Coupling

The Tschan Posimin coupling is a torsionally rigid multiple-disc coupling that promises to be absolutely backlash-free. There is a standard design as well as a high performance design known as the POSIMIN-PHP. Both Tschan’s Posimin couplings are made of high grade C-Steels and the disc packs made of special corrosion-resistant steel springs, each retaining significant flexure capabilities.

The Posimin products utilise standard elements in a compact construction system, with the coupling disc transmitting the power. The power provided by Tschan Posimin couplings guarantee a backlash-free torque transmission, regardless of which direction the shafts are rotating in. This lack of backlash is achieved by the coupling transmitting the torque in equal measure across all four quadrants which it is able to do because of the three-fold linkage and the corrosion-resistant steel spring’s high rigidity.

Both the POSIMIN and POSIMIN-PHP coupling are also designed to be maintenance­ free which also affords them a potentially longer lifespan than couplings that require constant maintenance to prevent wear and tear.

Tschan POSIFLEX Coupling

Tschan’s Posiflex coupling is an axially insertable and torsionally rigid gear coupling that is specifically designed to compensate for axial, radial and angular misalignment. This model features a twin gear coupling with a cardanic design, which means its construction is defined by the permissible radial displacement with regards to the angular displacement of the main side in combination with the secondary side’s link connection to the intermediate shaft length.

The Tschan Posiflex couplings feature housings with a straight internal tooth design along with hubs that have the corresponding external tooth design, this time with a consistant variable radius. This means the hubs can adjust their position spatially within the housing to compensate for most angular, radial or axial shaft misalignments of the adjoined shaft ends.

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