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Tschan Couplings: Reliable Flexibility


Tschan couplings are known as some of the most reliable on the market. We have featured lines from their range on this blog before, such as their Nor-Mex coupling range, but here we will focus on briefly describing a few of the other ranges of flexible and resilient designs available through Tschan couplings suppliers.

Tschan TNS Coupling

The S series are claw couplings that have been designed to be especially flexible and shock-proof. They utilise a variety of specified tolerances to compensate for any angular, radial or axial shaft misalignment that may occur. Transmitting the torque via a compressed elastic intermediate ring, the Tschan-S coupling is able to nullify shocks and vibrations. These Tschan couplings are also resistant to oil and can handle reasonably extreme temperatures.

Tschan TNR Coupling

The TNR range of couplings are non-shiftable types. This means that their dynamic characteristics can be adjusted selectively over a much wider range than usual, all the while maintaining their original dimensions. Designed and optimized to be used mainly in internal combustion engines, this coupling is very popular in the automotive industry. The Tschan TNR coupling also ensures the drive train can be operated at very low vibration levels simply by adjusting the torsional stiffness.

Tschan TNT Coupling

The TNT designs are safety couplings which are designed specifically for use in very demanding applications such as those in heavy duty industries. There are flange versions, a Servo-Insert version and a Rigid Disc version, but all guarantee a positive-locking torque transmission. The disengagement torque is adjustable with exquisite precision, although a there is a fast separation of the coupling halves just in case of any overload.

Tschan TNB Coupling

The B Series are failsafe claw couplings that are rotationally resilient and flexible in all directions. They use this flexibility to compensate for parallel, angular or axial misalignments of the connected shafts.

Tschan TNM Coupling

The TNM series of Tschan couplings are also rotationally resilient and designed to be flexible in all directions which enables them to compensate for any shaft misalignment, whether axial, angular or parallel. Many misalignments occur due to a variety of potential reasons such as inaccurate assembly, heat motion or just simple settling phenomena, so this extra flexibility and rotational resilience of the coupling transfers dangerous torsional vibrations back into the rotational speed ranges of the application.

Tschan TNZ Coupling

The Tschan TNZ couplings are designed and manufactured to be torsionally stiff in order to create or allow for some backlash. This coupling still compensates for axial and angular shaft misalignments within certain defined ranges. However, a double engagement using two flexing planes is the only way to compensate for radial shaft misalignment. Suitable for horizontal installation in all directions of rotation, these TNZ couplings transmit the torque using hubs with crowned teeth which are permanently meshed together in unison with the sleeve’s straight teeth. These couplings must also be greased with the specified lubricant to ensure reliable operation and as long a lifespan as possible.

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