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Trasco Flexible and Zero Backlash Couplings


Trasco ES zero backlash couplings and Trasco flexible couplings are produced by SIT Couplings, a company based in Italy which can trace its beginnings back nearly two centuries ago to an innovative engineer who made wooden pulleys for the textile industry of that time. Obviously, there have been a lot of changes since then, and these days SIT Couplings are globally renowned for their wide variety of coupling designs and manufacture.


The Trasco flexible couplings and Trasco ES zero backlash couplings are just two of SIT’s many coupling innovations, but they are a special pair that remain two of the their most popular designs so it’s worth taking a closer look at the specifications which stand them apart from other coupling models.


Trasco Flexible Couplings


These flexible couplings feature a metal hub made of either cast iron, steel or an aluminium alloy and a flexible spider made of polyurethane. The polyurethane compound used in these couplings enhances their flexibility and is a material often used with a wide variety of applications for many similar purposes, as well as many vastly different ones. SIT Couplings boast that these Trasco flexible couplings have the best transmissible power/dimension ratio of all the various coupling designs. The flexible couplings are also certified with the ATEX Directive 94/9/CE, which ensures the safety of equipment being used in areas endangered by potentially explosive atmospheres.


Trasco ES Zero Backlash Couplings


As you may gather from their name, the Trasco ES zero backlash couplings are designed to minimise backlash. Like the Trasco flexible couplings also made by SIT Couplings, they consist of a polyurethane spider connection, though the metal hub is only made of either steel or an aluminium alloy (no cast iron option as with the flexible variety).


These zero backlash couplings come with a long list of advantages which they bring to the operational faculties of whichever machinery they are being used with. Obviously, there is the backlash-free motion drive that is the coupling’s main selling point and the primary reason for using such a piece on the wide range of industrial machinery it is compatible with. They will help reduce shock impacts and significantly reduce wear and tear by its components being excellent facilitators of vibration damping and absorption. The Trasco ES zero backlash couplings also feature low thermo and electrical conductivity to limit the interference of either element on the operational capabilities of the machine and its various components.


The Trasco ES zero backlash couplings experience very low inertia and constantly remain functional at use. They are easy to mount and are enduringly popular machine components thanks to the perfect balancing ‘A’ and ‘AP’ versions. As with the Trasco flexible couplings, the zero backlash versions also feature ATEX Directive 94/9/CE certification, which ensures they are safe to use in environments that carry a risk of exploding.


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