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Top Three Mistakes When Buying Industrial Machinery


Buying a new industrial machine can be the perfect opportunity to help you expand production and grow your business. There are some pitfalls to be aware of though, so here we go through the three biggest mistakes when buying machinery and how to avoid them.

1. Failing to Assess Your Business Objectives

The first mistake is not properly assessing your business needs and objectives. Are you looking to increase productivity or acquire a technological advantage over your competitors? Will the new machinery develop your business in the short-term or long-term? Ideally your purchase will serve both your short-term and long-term goals.

Also be careful about being distracted by the secondary options of a machine. They may be intriguing but if they are also increasing your expenditure, then make sure that the secondary options are genuinely useful for your objectives.

2. Ignoring the Operators

The opinions of the people operating the machines are also very important, but it can be easy to make a decision without their input. The operators will not be concerned with the cost of the machinery, but they will have insight into the usability and necessary maintenance that will be required. They’ll likely know what kind of control pulleys or gear-motors are required to operate it, and if any specific parts will be required such as a crowned tooth gear coupling. They will also know more about the skills required to operate the machine safely, as well as other security and health-related issues that may not occur to the management side of things.

Speaking to your operators for their feedback on the process will also make them feel valued and give them a sense of ownership of their role and duties. They will also be able to highlight any possible issues that might arise when introducing a new machine, such as a potential drop in productivity while the operators get used to the new machinery and learn how to operate it at optimum proficiency.

3. Eschewing Quality for Price

Every business is working to a budget, but going for price over quality will likely end up costing even more in the long-term. Poorer quality machines will not be as productive and will break down more often.

It is usually a better idea to pay more for a machine that ticks all the boxes of your business objectives and productivity goals, rather than keep to a restrictive budget and buy cheaper machines that slow you down and ultimately decrease your output.

Replacements Parts Shipped Fast and Free

Once you have your machine in place, you can keep it operating at maximum performance for many years with a regular maintenance schedule and a resource for finding the parts and components that will inevitably need replacing in time.

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