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Tips for preventing rust occurring on industrial machinery

Carrying on from last week’s blog when we touched up the potential detrimental effects rust can have on industrial machinery, this week’s blog will explore in greater detail how you can help prevent rust occurring on industrial machinery.

Rust is the unsightly result of when moisture and oxygen comes into contact will metal. They say ‘prevention is better than cure’ and whilst rust, in most cases, can either be removed or diminished, it is far better to prevent it occurring in the first place.

So how exactly do we help keep Pujol geared motors, Kauermann Couplings, Lenze Variable Speed pulleys and other vital industrial ‘organs’ rust free?

Use lubrication

Industrial equipment can be susceptible to soaking up moisture, which when combined with oxygen and a metal surface can quickly cause rust to appear. You can help to prevent this potentially damaging rust by applying oil or grease onto the surface of the machinery and its internal components.

Maintain seals and replace filters

As Reliable Plant writes, because water is a major source of corrosion, lubrication plays an important role in preventing the corrosion caused by water. Reliable Plant advises that machinery operators maintain seals and replace filters regularly to help keep lubricants free of contaminants.

Think carefully about where you store industrial equipment

Naturally, leaving essential equipment and machinery out in the yard for weeks on end isn’t likely to keep it in its optimum condition. When it comes to preventing rust corrosion, storage plays an essential role.

Whether it’s an industrial motor, a mixer, a turbine, or any type of machinery, it should be stored under cover wherever possible.

Bearing lubrication

It is important that bearings are well lubricated with a thin oil film in order to avoid metal-to-metal contact. Avoiding direct contact of metal and metal will mean friction and abrasion is reduced, thus preventing rust and corrosion and keeping contamination at bay.

Though it is important to remember that lubrication failings are likely to occur if too little or too much grease or oil is used, the wrong type of lubricant is applied to the bearing, the oil or grease is contaminated by water or objects.

Regular inspections

Machinery should also be checked regularly for signs of corrosion and rust. If you do notice any unattractive brown or burnt orange marks appearing on the likes of a worm gearbox or a Tcb barrel coupling, the appropriate cleaning and lubrication should be carried out immediately.

If you require an inspection or repair to be carried out on your industrial equipment or need to locate a special part, get in touch with YB Components.