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Three leading gearbox-reliant industries

You can think as long and hard as you want but you’ll be hard-pushed to come up with an industry that doesn’t use some form of gearbox. From Pujol geared motors to Sirem gearboxes, Spaggiari worm gearboxes to Heynau gearboxes, there is a myriad of industrial gearbox suppliers providing this essential industrial tool to infinite industries and businesses.

Why do we need gearboxes?

It is not a coincidence that so many sectors and markets rely on gearboxes in order to execute their products, services and operations. With the use of industrial gearboxes, a small rotational force – known as a torque – is used to produce a much greater rotational force. This effectively means a slow rate of revolution can be quickened. With a faster rate of rotational mechanical power, the gearbox is an essential piece of equipment in many industries.

Take a look at three gearbox-reliant industries you may not have necessary associated with gearboxes.


Wind turbines slowly rotating on the horizon is becoming an increasingly common site in many countries, including Britain. These almost majestic-looking man-made creations require a gearbox to increase the rotational speed, typically from a low-speed rotor to an electrical generator of a higher speed.

As you can imagine, the design of a wind turbine gearbox is challenging. The difficulties with designing these industrial gearboxes stems from the loading and environmental conditions in which the gearbox is forced to operate. As challenging it is to design and manufacture these geared-motor units, it is to repair them.

Mining operations

For centuries, mining has been essential to the improvement and preservation of society. Mining operations provide resources to create roads, electricity and numerous other daily societal necessities. With some mines being as much as 2,000 metres below the ground, naturally heavy-duty equipment is required to dig deep and remove minerals and debris that stands in way.

Equipment comprising of gear-motors help make a minor’s job infinitely easier. Heavy-duty gearboxes create a high velocity drive range and are used extensively in the mining of iron, copper, diamond and coal to remove minerals and overburden.

Office equipment

Wind turbines to mining machinery to office equipment, we told you gearboxes and geared motors are used in virtually every industry.

From copiers to printers, banking and financial equipment to packaging machine, you may be surprised at the amount of office equipment that requires gear-motor units. In short, gearboxes set within office equipment assists with meeting the ever-increasing sophisticated customer demands, employee productivity and the constraints of energy-saving technology.

YB Components recognises there is barely an industry that doesn’t use gearboxes. As a consequence of the imperative demand for industrial gearboxes we endeavour to supply the right part for your machine, so you can keep your business operating at its optimum.