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Three industrial tools you might be better renting than buying


It’s no secret that relying on a complex network of the likes of Trasco flexible couplings, Zurrer drivers, Pujol geared units and Centrex clutches, industrial tools can be expensive to buy. Naturally, if you’re using a tool regularly and relying on it for business operations, purchasing the piece of equipment is almost definitely the most economical option.

However, if the tool only gets used once every six month, it might be more cost-effective to rent the machine rather than buy one. That way you are almost guaranteed to have a high-quality tool without having to make a hefty initial investment.

Take a look at the following industrial power tools that you might be better off renting rather than buying.

Tile saw

As Popular Mechanics advises, whilst you can purchase a new tile saw relatively cheaply, cheap saws have their limitations such as being virtually incapable of cutting through thick tiles or marble.  Also, tile cutters are the type of tool we might only require once or twice. For example, if you’re working on a new bathroom and are laying tiles, it could be a more cost-effective option to rent out a tile saw rather than buying one. That way you can enjoy using a high quality machine that doesn’t merely sit in the garage gathering dust for the next 12 months!

Paint sprayer

They may take a little practice to use correctly but once you do get the hang of them paint sprayers can be considerable quicker and more efficient to use than conventional brushes and rollers. However, they can also be significantly more expensive to buy. If you’ve only got a one off job, renting this tool rather than investing in buying one is likely to work out considerably cheaper.

Rotary Hammers

Every now and then ordinary drills just don’t make the grade when it comes to drilling holes into our walls. If you’ve got a job on that requires a burst more power than normal, sometimes only a rotary hammer will do. If this is the case you might be better renting one for the duration of the job rather than buying one, as this type of equipment can be expensive to buy.

If the prospect of a Heynau gearbox or a Kumera clutch or gearbox going wrong and being forced to send the industrial part back to the gearbox manufacturer or having to replace the likes of Enemax couplings and other essential industrial parts doesn’t fill you with joy, then renting equipment can often be the best way forward.

Meanwhile if you do have Ave chains, a Conax clutch or a Dinal gel coupling that requires replacing get in touch with YB Components, specialists in the supply of couplings and clutches, gearboxes and motors and other ancillary products.