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The Many Applications of Sirem Pumps & Motors


Sirem is a French company based near the city of Lyon in France where they design and manufacture innovative and customised electric gear motors, pumps, motorized rollers and drums. The products that Sirem manufactures have a wide number of uses so let’s have a closer look at some of the main applications Sirem’s products are renowned for.


Sirem Gear Motors


Sirem’s gear motor designs are often used for stirring milk in cooling tanks, which is required for the homogeneous cooling process employed by many dairy farmers. As they produce such large quantities of milk, the produce is stored and cooled in either open or closed cooling tanks. The homogeneous cooling process then requires at least one motorised agitator, often several depending on the size of the tank. The Sirem gear motors then operate at a low rotational speed which helps preserve the milk. Exactly what model of Sirem gear motor is used will depend on the volume of milk which requires stirring, as well as the shape of the cooling tank the milk is stored in.


If the gear motors used during this process fail in any way, then it can lead to the loss of many days’ worth of milk. Continued losses like this can be catastrophic for a dairy farm which relies entirely on the sale of the milk produced there. Thus, it is absolutely imperative that the gear motors used in the cooling and storage process are extremely reliable. To achieve this, the Sirem gear motors are constructed to last a lifetime and therefore provide the sturdiness and reliability required from such components.


As well as Sirem gear motors being used to stir milk produced on dairy farms, Sirem pumps are also employed to help cleanse the milk cooling tanks.


Further Applications of Sirem Drums and Sirem Motorized Rollers


The variety of Sirem motorized rollers are commonly used with a wide variety of applications. Private or public swimming pools that feature automatic covers which keep foreign elements out of the water while the pool is not in use will often be powered by Sirem motorized rollers. Additionally, swimming pool filtration systems will often feature Sirem pumps circulating the water through a filtration system to keep it clean.


Other types of Sirem motorized rollers are used on outdoor advertising billboards that feature multiple advertisements which are ‘rolled’ in to and out of view. Also, any movable or motorized electric gates and barriers fencing off buildings and protected areas will feature the same kind of Sirem motorized rollers that the French company have been building since the company was founded in 1928. Similarly, the automatic barrier systems you see the likes of toll stops and paying car parks will be fitted with reversible gear motors such as those designed and built by Sirem.


Checkout counters in supermarkets and the small conveyor belts which you pile your groceries onto as it delivers them to the checkout operator to scan through are often driven by Sirem motorized rollers or motorized pulleys. Larger versions of the Sirem motorized rollers will also be employed in the operation of industrial belt conveyors. There are so many applications that we have all likely experienced Sirem’s excellent design and craft without even knowing it!


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