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The Many Applications of Bonora Components


Motori Bonora, or Bonora Electric Motors as we tend to refer to them in the UK, are a family-owned and operated electric motor manufacturer founded in Italy in 1945. They specialise in designing and manufacturing both single-phase and three-phase asynchronous electric motors.


Bonora Pump Motors


There are multiple pump applications which utilise Bonora components in their motors. Air pumps are used for a variety of purposes such as gas compressors and pneumatic tools. The Bonora motors can also be used in less demanding machines such as vacuum cleaners and aquarium filters. Ventilation systems often feature Bonora’s motors as well, with the electric power units helping facilitate the air conditioning of a wide variety of places such as office buildings, warehouses and even vehicles.


Liquid pumps are another application that Bonora manufacture parts for, whether it is a metering pump or a liquid piston pump. Additionally, Bonora also specialise in producing a particular type of motor for hydraulic power units, such as on hoists and lifts, which is specifically designed to be operated while completely submerged in oil.


Bonora Components in Industrial Machinery


Some of the motors manufactured by Bonora are used extensively throughout the woodworking industry. Processing wood requires machines which receive their power from electric motors that help them saw and drill all kinds of wood strengths. There are also wood grinding machines which require very strong motors.


The food industry is another beneficiary of Bonora motor innovations as several of their designs are used within the meat processing and packing departments. On the other side of the food spectrum, you will find Bonora electric motors powering coffee grinders to enable the production of instant coffee.


As a further example of how sturdy the Bonora components can be, note that they are regularly used in the iron working industry. It’s a hard working sector that requires heavy duty equipment, and there are plenty of Bonora motor models which can get the job done.


Zootechnics and Bonora Motors


Zootechnics is the name given to the management of captive animals such as those found on farms. The term covers the likes of handling, breeding, feeding, general health and even the economics of the farming operations. Obviously, there’s a lot that goes into keeping farm animals and everything else included under the Zootechnics umbrella that doesn’t need to be explained here, but suffice to say many of the operations would be a lot more difficult and time-consuming with the motors that Bonora provide.


Miscellaneous Applications for Bonora Motor Products


Additional uses for the Bonora components are wide and varied. The motors are included in the likes of laundry machines where they help turn the inner barrel in order to wash the materials inside. You can also find them in weighing and balancing machines as well as in the external fan cooling systems for equipment that can get hot during operation such as computers.


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