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The lubricant challenges of smaller gearboxes

Sirem gearboxes, Spaggiari geared-motor units, Zurrer worm gears and Sumitomo gearboxes and every industrial gearbox you care to imagine, for gearboxes to operate at their optimum they should run in dry, clean and cool conditions. However, in reality, the likes of manufacturing plants, steel mills and other hostile industrial environments are far from dry, clean and cool.

Lubricants in harsh environments

Contaminants such as water, heat, higher loads and pressures, even with regular lubricant maintenance, can hamper gearbox functionality.

As industrial machinery continues to become smaller and exposed to diverse applications, it is more imperative than ever that the lubricants used to protect the likes of Sumitomo gearboxes and Spaggiari geared-motor units are able to withstand hostile environments.

The diminishing size of gearboxes

Whilst industrial gearboxes were once bulky, hefty pieces of equipment, they are gradually becoming smaller and more lightweight. Not only are modern gearboxes designed more compactly but they are made to produce more power and be more reliable and hard-wearing than ever before.

This effectively means less oil is required to lubricate the machine, protect the gears and keep the gearbox in good working order. One negative aspect of smaller gears is that higher temperatures are usually generated, which leads to the quicker oxidisation of machinery. The effects of the oxidisation of gears is a shortened lifespan, which equates to money lost through downtime and the repair or replacement of the gears.

Whilst YB Components can efficiently repair industrial gearboxes and offer a full inspection and report free of charge, maintaining the condition of gearboxes by ensuring they have the correct and enough lubricant will inevitably save a business time and money.

Just because a gearbox is smaller than it was a decade ago does not mean it requires less work or maintenance. On the contrary, the smaller the gearbox the more work it typically has to do than its larger predecessors. Due to decreased reservoirs and tighter tolerances, higher speeds and loads are created with smaller gearboxes. This results in fluid be cycled in the system more rapidly and therefore heat is dissipated in less time and contaminants are more likely to settle.

In order to remove the contaminants that become built up in smaller gearboxes such as water, dirt and grit, it is vital the gears are frequently lubricated. If not, over time the foreign particles in the machine will erode and impact the bearings and gears and eventually lead to a machine that is operating at an inferior level.

Whether you own a Sirem gearbox or a Danfoss bauer industrial gearbox or any other type of gearbox for that matter, as gearboxes become increasingly smaller it is more vital than ever to keep them well lubricated and clean.

If you do require a gearbox to be repaired or replaced, get in touch with YB Components and we will endeavour to get your gearbox in good working condition as quickly as possible.