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The increased popularity of integrated geared motors and gearboxes

Pujol geared motors, Kumera gearboxes, Pujol muntala gearboxes, Helical-geared motor bg series – the list of different makes and models of industrial geared motors and gearboxes could go on and on. The popularity and demand for geared motors and gearboxes are showing little sign of abating. On the contrary the need for integrated gear motors and gearboxes are on the rise. But why?

Sustainable energy fuelling the demand for gearboxes

YB Components recognise that there isn’t a single industry that does not use gearboxes and geared motors. As we wrote in last week’s blog, gearboxes are an essential component of wind power. The increasing emphasis on sustainable energy efficiency and growing investments being made in the likes of wind power and other green energy sources is fuelling the demand for the adoption of geared motors and gearboxes in other renewable industries asides wind power.

Recent data compiled by Frost and Sullivan, Analysis of the Global Gearboxes and Gear Motors Market, reveals that in 2013, the gearbox and gear motors market earned revenues of $12.80 billion. The analysis also estimates that by 2017, the industry will reach $15.67 billion. Due to increasing mining and manufacturing activities, the Asia-Pacific and North American regions are expected to become the largest industrial gearbox and gear motors markets.

Talking about the surging demand for gearbox manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, Krishna Raman, Senior Research Analyst of Frost & Sullivan Industrial Automation and Process Control said:

“Advancements in gear technology that facilitate the development of compact, high precision devices will encourage the uptake of gearboxes and gear motors in these regions.”

Raman also highlighted the growing advancements in industrial gearbox technology, stating:

“The high torque density and customisable features of gearboxes will add to their popularity.”

Advancements in technology

Whilst there may be a growing demand for high precision industrial gearboxes, advancements in technology means products such as Danfoss bauer industrial gearboxes and industrial gear motors in general have a longer life span, providing, of course, equipment is looked after well and maintained to a high standard.

Whatever industry you work in, it is likely that the day-to-day operations of your sector relies on some form of industrial gearboxes and gear motors. Due to increased demand for such vital industrial components, gearboxes and geared motors are being made with greater precision than ever before.

Wherever you are located and whatever industry you work in, if you required gearboxes and geared motors we have been dispatching these vital industrial parts around the world since 1993. Contact us to discuss which gearbox, geared motor or other industrial components you need shipping and we’ll do our best to have it at your door as quickly as possible.