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The estimated growth of wind energy in the UK

The use of wind energy worldwide continues to steadily increase. In 2013 the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) released its market statistics which showed there was a cumulative global capacity that reached a total of 318,137 MW, an increase of almost 200,000 MW during the five years leading to 2013.

Wind energy usage continues to increase in Great Britain where it is the second largest source of renewable energy. In an effort to reduce fossil fuel reliance, the UK continues to maintain its wind energy growth. With wind energy at the core of Britain’s renewable energy plans, as British Wind Energy States, this type of green energy is expected to grow significantly during the forthcoming years.

A very windy country!

Did you know that Britain is the windiest country in Europe?

Despite being Europe’s windiest, Germany is currently one of the biggest users of wind energy in Europe. As British Wind Energy rightly points out, this shows what potential the UK has for wind energy growth.

The EU renewable energy 2020 target

Part of the European Union’s (EU) renewable energy mission is to have 20% of all its energy coming from renewable sources by 2020. With wind farms with the capacity of 3403 MW under construction and a further 5398 MW awaiting construction, the UK certainly seems serious about meeting the EU’s targets.

Wind turbines are reliant on certain industrial components

We have to admit that wind turbines and the wind farms that are becoming an increasingly familiar sight on British landscapes, could not operate without gearboxes and couplings.

As we wrote in a 2014 blog, in wind turbines, the gearbox is the central component of the drive train. In simple terms, the gearbox converts the low speed of the rotor shaft into a high revolution by driving the generator.

Sirem gearboxes, Pujol geared motors, Kumera gearboxes, Spaggiari geared motors and just about any type of industrial gearbox you care to mention, gearboxes and geared motors play an essential role in a hugely diverse amount of equipment that is used for an equally as diverse amount of applications.

Likewise, Sitex st couplings, Orpex couplings, Lamidisc all steel couplings and other types and makes of couplings, are crucial components for industrial machinery and devices.

Both gearboxes and couplings are vital in ensuring the immense steel arms of wind turbines turn around in an efficient motion.

And, as British Wind Energy predicts, with the UK striving to meet the EU’s target of 20% of energy coming from renewable fuel such as wind, solar, biomass and water power by 2020, the need for high quality couplings and gearboxes for wind turbine usage, is more important than ever.

Whether it’s a Pujol geared unit or Sitex fl couplings, whatever coupling or gearbox you require and for whatever application, get in touch with YB Components and we’ll strive to find you the right part as quickly as possible.