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The Best Linear Bearings Suppliers


Bearings are one of the most important and commonly sought after industrial machinery components. Even just standard linear bearings are often critical components of precision machinery such as machine tools and orientation equipment. When you include the many other types of linear bearing available, the different usages include electric discharging machines, wire cutting and plastics injecting machines, as well as semi-conductor equipment and many, many other different industrial applications.


Due to the huge demand for these parts, linear bearings suppliers must ship many different bearing brands and designs all across the world. As there are so many different designs to meet the many varied purposes they are required for, it is essential for a linear bearings supplier to be able to quickly compare the different makes and models. To help your company select the right make and model required for your operations, here is a quick breakdown of the linear bearings available through YB Components.


PMI Bearings or PMI-AMT Bearings


The collection of PMI bearing products (formerly known as PMI-AMT) is wide ranging and incorporates linear guideways, ball splines, ballscrews and precision ball screw splines. They also manufacture several actuator designs under their KM Series umbrella. These consist of a combined linear guideway with a ballscrew unit. As with all of PMI Linear Bearings products, they are designed to have a high rigidity which helps them achieve a finer accuracy even when operating in minimal space.


Pacific Linear Bearings


Also known as PBC Linear, the Pacific Linear Bearings company has a huge range of bearing products to choose from. Their ‘Round Shaft Technology’ makes special use of a precision ground shafting which can be ordered in a variety of materials including aluminium and hardened or stainless steel. This high quality ground shafting works in combination with their top of the range ball bearing products which include standard bearings, sleeve bushings, pillow block housings and an array of support rail assemblies.


Sankyo Oilless Bearings


Sankyo are experts at producing metals and machine parts that do not require lubrication. Instead, the Sankyo bearings use a range of solid lubricants which are able to keep the machine’s operation smooth without having a negative effect on the machine’s efficiency or productivity. These linear bearing products are very special thanks to being designed with sliding surfaces using oilless metals. This has the main benefit of not requiring constant maintenance, nor the monitoring of the lubrication levels of the machinery. The Sankyo oilless bearings are generally built with embedded or impregnated solid lubricants which are unique to the Sankyo linear bearing designs, many of which are extremely popular in the automobile industry in particular.


Sferax Linear Bearings


Sferax also design several different types of bearing, though not as many as PBC or PMI Bearings. They are excellently manufactured, with the variations in design including standard linear bearings, open linear ball bearings and miniature ball bearings. They also have a couple of ball bearing models which allow for both linear and rotational movements.


If you require any linear bearing designs such as the PMI Bearings (also known as the PMI-AMT Bearings), then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading linear bearings suppliers who can ship these parts all over Europe.