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TB Wood’s: Innovators of Couplings and Belt Drives



The manufacture of TB Wood’s industrial components has been going from strength to strength since the company’s founding over 150 years ago. Even though back at the very beginning they were just producing wood burning stoves, the company was still at the forefront of innovation even then, which is a quality that has remained with them throughout the years.


Nowadays, of course, TB Wood’s is regarded as an industry pioneer in the field of high quality industrial couplings, after having originally moved into the power transmission industry at the turn of the twentieth century. They also do a fine line in belted drive solutions these days with a wide variety of their patented products using proprietary designs unavailable anywhere else.


TB Woods Industrial Components


The wide range of highly engineered TB Woods industrial components has seen the company become a global leader in the industry, with the design and manufacture of multiple industrial coupling products as well as their belted drive solutions being utilised in an ever-increasing range of industrial sectors. Some examples of the application for TB Wood’s industrial components include centrifugal and vacuum pumps, compressor machines, mining equipment, power plant induced fans as well as exhaust fans, to name but a few.


TB Woods Couplings


Many of TB Wood’s products are the company’s own innovations, such as the patented Sure-Flex and Dura-Flex elastomeric couplings. The former features a four-way flexing action which absorbs pretty much all types of impact shock, as well as minimising misalignment of the two connected shafts. The latter is so-named due to its design focusing on durability, with the Dura-Flex couplings constructed with a light weight element that is able to absorb shock loading as well as torsional vibration.


There is also a patented disc coupling design known as Form-Flex, which is designed to transmit plenty of torque while still being able to compensate for any angular, parallel or axial displacement between the two connected shafts. Another patented disc coupling design is called Torsiflex, which is an all-metal coupling designed specifically for process pumps as well as other general industrial applications. In addition to those mentioned, there are the G-Flex grid couplings made from a high tensile alloy steel, and the Jaw couplings which are designed to be more affordable while still performing to the expected high standard.


TB Woods Belt Drives


As well the patented coupling designs, TB Woods makes use of the latest technology as well as their superior design and craftsmanship to manufacture higher quality and longer lasting belt drives. The list of belt drive products that make up many of the TB Woods industrial component catalogue include v-belt sheaves and belted mechanical variable speed drives as well as synchronous sprockets, belts and bushings.


The sheaves are manufactured out of fine grain and high tensile cast iron, and have been designed to last a long time while requiring little to no maintenance or lubrication.


If you require any more information about TB Wood’s industrial components such as their couplings or belt drives, then contact YB Components who can ship these parts all over the UK and the world.