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Swati Pulley Variable Speed Pulleys



New to the range of machinery components available through YB Components are Swati Pulley, who produce solutions for belt driven variable speed applications. Since commencing commercial production in 1990, Swati Pulley has achieved a leading position in the Indian machinery parts manufacturing market.

The company has a reputation for high product quality, performance and reliability, so here we will highlight just a few of the excellent products Swati Pulley suppliers YB Components are making available to ship fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.

Swati Pulley Fixed Centre Drive

The Swati Pulley Fixed Centre Drive pulleys have a speed variation ratio of 1:7 and use wide V-belts for the drive. They allow the operator to vary the speed of the variable speed pulleys on both the driver and driven shafts via fixed centre distancing. These variable speed pulleys are available in a power rating from 0.18 Kw to 45 Kw.

The Fixed Centre Drive by Swati Pulley assigns the driver as the control with the driven pulley being spring loaded. A round-shaped coated hub guides a sliding connection between the variable speed pulley hub and the disks, plus the Fixed Centre Drive pulley is lubrication free so no maintenance required.

The Swati Pullet Fixed Centre Drive is ideal for use with machine tools, textile and woodworking machines. They can also be perfect for mixers, pulverisers, conveyors, wire drawing, packaging, paper and pulp applications.

Swati Pulley Variable Centre Drive

The Variable Centre Drive available through Swati Pulley suppliers has a speed variation ratio of 1:3 and also makes use the reliable wide V-belts for the drive. The speed can be changed using the centre distance between the Variable Centre Drive (the driver) and the fixed speed pulley (the driven). These variable speed pulleys are available with a power rating range between 0.18 Kw and 18.5 Kw.

The sliding connection between the Variable Centre Drive hub and its disks is created with special teeth, and the power is transmitted by wedging the action of these belt teeth with specially designed basket-shaped springs. Maintenance is required for this Swati Pulley product due to the required lubrication, so periodic greasing is needed to ensure optimum performance.

The Swati Pulley Variable Centre Drive is ideal for use in breweries and distilleries, pharmaceutical operations, gravity separators and leather processing machinery, as well as with machinery used in the paper and corrugation industry.

Swati Pulley VeloAir Variable Pitch Pulley

The Swati Pulley Variable Pitch Pulley is for air speed and throw control. The VeloAir variable speed drives allow the operator to adjust the output speed ​​of the air handling unit as needed. These drives let you finely adjust the speed to control the displacement and velocity of air in an air handling unit.

The precisely turned CNC Turning Centres are available in standard sizes and are best suited to applications involving roof top units, air handling units, fans and blowers.

If you require Swati Pulleys products such as the Fixed Centre Drive, Variable Centre Drive or the VeloAir variable pitch pulley, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Swati Pulley suppliers.