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The Swati Pulley Company was founded thirty years ago and has since become one of India’s foremost manufacturers of an extensive array of control equipment including Fixed Centre Drives and Variable Centre Drives.

The company’s full range consists of a variety of Swati Pulley variable speed drives, control equipment, machine operating elements and other constant speed drive products that are used in a wide variety of industries. All Swati Pulley products are manufactured in compliance with the required industry standards, with the firm’s experienced professionals using the latest technology and superior grade production material.

Swati Pulley Suppliers and Infrastructure

YB Components are the UK’s leading Swati Pulley distributors and are pleased to be able to ship their high quality products fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.

A big part of the high quality that the Swati Pulley Company are able to consistently produce comes down to their infrastructure. They have established various dedicated departments that cover manufacturing, quality control and warehouse and packaging to ensure there are specialist teams handling each part of the design, manufacturing and packaging process.

Swati’s team of experienced professionals boast a rich knowledge and high level of expertise in manufacturing these variable speed pulley products. All steps of the production line are closely monitored to ensure that all defects and malfunctions are eliminated effectively.

This reliable infrastructure gives Swati Pulley distributors like YB Components confidence to supply these excellent products to all of their customers who require them.

Products Available Through Swati Pulley Distributors

The two most popular products available from Swati Pulley suppliers are the Fixed Centre Drive and the Variable Centre Drive.

The Fixed Centre Drive uses wide V-belts for the drive and have a speed variation ratio of 1:7 which allows the operator to greatly vary the speed of the variable speed pulleys on both the driver and driven shafts. The Fixed Centre Drive pulley is special as it is lubrication free and requires no maintenance during its lifespan.

The Variable Centre Drive has a more limited speed variation ratio of 1:3, but still comes with those reliably wide V-belts. The speed is altered via adjusting the centre distance between the driver and the driven elements, with this variable speed pulley variety producing a power rating ranging between 0.18 Kw and 18.5 Kw.

Swati Pulley Variable Speed Drives

The various Swati Pulley variable speed drives are used in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing factories, engineering, logistics, distribution and agricultural machinery.

While Swati Pulley distributors YB Components ship fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world, businesses close to their headquarters in Yorkshire can often benefit from same day delivery.

If you require any Swati Pulley variable speed drives  such as their Fixed Centre Drive or their Variable Centre Drive, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Swati Pulley suppliers.