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Sustainable solutions for industrial equipment


Every responsible and wise company recognises that sustainability is good for business. With green practices at the heart of modern industry, customers are increasingly willing to pay more for products that have been produced in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Given the almost imperative drive to adopt greener practices, we take a look at some of the ways firms of all shapes, sizes and industries, can modify their equipment, machinery and practices so it adheres to the sustainable standards customers are coming to, not only desire, but expect.

So how exactly do we ensure machinery operating the likes of Pujol geared motors, Murtdfeldt wearstrips and tensioners and Lenze variable speed pulleys, operate in a sustainable and responsible way?

As PetroLiance notes, responsible working practices begin with ensuring every employee is professionally trained and understands the correct procedures to carry out the efficient and safe handling of industrial equipment.

As our earlier blog about preventing injury when operating heavy industrial machinery highlights, a number of safety procedures need to be put in practice when anybody operates equipment in the workplace, including wearing Personal Protective Equipment and keeping machinery guards intact.

As well as ensuring worker safety, industrial companies should also prioritise methods that help them reduce waste and minimise their carbon footprint.

Machinery and its components, such as Senotec sensors, Sirem pumps and Enemac clutches, provide an opportunity for firms to get cleaner and greener.

Use longer life oil

Using longer life oil in machinery will help reduce oil consumption and ultimately help lower costs.

Eco-aware lubricants

The use of environmentally friendly, biodegradable oils are increasingly replacing mineral-based lubricants, as companies become progressively more aware of the environmental impact of their operations.

For example, hydraulic oil is now available in a readily biodegradable and virtually non-toxic form, which has been developed using specifically selected additives and vegetable oils.

On-site recycling

On-site recycling enables companies to segregate their waste efficiently and quickly, which brings a number of benefits to firms. These benefits include the company being seen in a sustainable and responsible light as the waste they produce will not be clogging landfills.

The correct segregation and packaging of waste will also maximise space on-site and reduce collection costs.

Reusing certain materials such as wood into other usable items will ultimately help save a business money and help the firm be seen in a more sustainable, positive light.

Practice energy-saving techniques

The energy-saving techniques more and more people are practicing in the home should be implemented into the working environment, such as turning off the main power supply of industrial equipment and switching off lights when leaving a vacant factory room.

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