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Supror HB Industrial Gearbox


Supror Gearboxes are a professional manufacturer of gearboxes and geared motors as well as planetary and worm gear reducers. Founded in China back in 2003, and then going on to incorporate the finest Italian technological innovations, Supror Transmission have expanded their operations and now export their gearbox products to over a hundred countries across five continents.

Here we take a closer look at one of their most popular gearbox products.

Supror HB Industrial Gearbox

Supror’s HB series of solid shaft industrial gearboxes incorporates two structural forms in the form of the H parallel gearbox and the B right angle gearbox. It features 1-4 grade transmission and has had the number of requisite parts reduced for optimal performance.

The number of specifications has also been raised, while both the helical gear and the bevel gear have been hardened to better resist wear and tear and handle increased exertion. The gears are specially shaped and ground to achieve a very large tooth-to-surface exposure ratio, with the housing also increasing the superficial area in a limited space.

Advantages of the Supror HB Gearbox

The Supror HB industrial gearbox boasts high transmission efficiency, reliable stability and excellent heat dissipation properties.

This gearbox provides an extremely reliable operational performance. The high-precision gears of the HB industrial gearbox allow it to adapt to any harsh conditions or environment while continuing to operate quietly and free of vibrations.

The accuracy ration is a prime example of the advantages of the HB gearbox, with its transmission torque distribution curve rated as excellent.

There are a variety of installation options available, and the gearbox features a compact structure that easy to install.

Applications of the Supror HB Industrial Gearbox

The product is widely used in metallurgy, a field of materials science and engineering that researches the physical and chemical behaviour of metallic elements and their inter-metallic compounds. Metallurgy also involves the study of metal mixtures or alloys. Metallurgy is not the same as metalworking, though the latter often relies on discoveries made in the former in order to advance technology and improve performance.

HB gearboxes can be found being used in the mining industry, as well as with construction equipment such as cement agitators. They are employed in chemical works and engineering machinery, as well as for lifting equipment, belt transportation and a wide variety of other sub-sectors.

Supror gearboxes are also frequently used with port machinery. The robust build and durability of the HB gearbox makes it ideal for use at ports where it will be exposed to harsh and sometimes extreme conditions. The Supror geared motors and reducers can be found in ports all around the globe, often in the busiest container ports.

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