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Supror Gear Reducers


The gearboxes and gear reducer manufacturer Supror has a produced a series of products designed for maximum efficiency and operational stability. Here we take a quick look at one of their special worm gear reducers as well as their SPN Series of planetary reducers.

S Helical Gear Worm Reducer

The development and construction of the S-model of Supror’s helical worm gear reducers uses a unique low-noise gear tooth profile design and features an optimisation design concept with the use of finite element analysis software. They have been specifically designed to meet the many different requirements across a wide variety of industries.

One of the main functional advantages of the Supror S Helical Gear Worm Reducer is that it can be used in place of many other internationally recognised branded products built by other renowned transmission manufacturers.

This Supror worm gear reducer is an ideal transmission product in modern equipment manufacturing industry that performs at the same leading level of contemporary products.

SPN Planetary Reducer Series

While there are 18 models in the Supror SPN planetary reducer series with each model offering a variety of options, the Supror SPN Series of planetary reducers primarily come with either one of two types of structure, both of which are often employed in engineering machinery and industries specialising in metallurgy, mining, chemical and building materials. Other applications include lifting machinery, port ships and belt transportation.

The first structure is the coaxial structure type, and the second is an angled structure. The transmission grades run between 1 and 4 for both structures of SPN planetary reducer. The SPN Series also produces reliably large torque, with products in the series boasting a torque range of 1000 to 50,0000Nm. The models also have a high efficiency rating with a large output gear ratio reaching between 94 and 98%, plus they all come with either a foot mounting or flange mounting.

The outer casings or housings are built with nodular cast iron which give the reducers in the Supror SPN Series an especially high load capacity. Nodular or ductile cast iron is a form of cast iron that is rich in graphite, an additional ingredient that gives it much more resistance to impact and fatigue thanks to the nodular graphite inclusions. Without these graphite nodules, other types of cast iron can be quite brittle.

The gears and bevel gears are hardened, shaped and grinded in both the sun gear and the planetary gear models, and both also feature straight teeth meshing. These special gear teeth should last indefinitely when used with the correct torque. The inner gear ring is also strengthened by being subjected to high temperature quenching and tempering during the manufacturing process.

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